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India's Neighbor's

No description

mayra soto

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of India's Neighbor's

India's Neighbor's Religon In Pakistan & Bangladesh most people practice Islam and small portins of the population in nepal, the dominant religon is hinduism, although Buddhism is practiced in some parts of the country.Buddhism dominates both buhtan and Sri Lanka.
Mr. Smith The Reigon Today The country's inside of India face a lot of challenges
such a being over populated & poverty. Pakistan One problem they face is
goverment stability. Since, 1947
Pakistan has suffered rebellious and
assassinations of goverment leaders.
Another challenge is they have a rapid
growth.The country's goverment
struggle's to mange resources and to
reduce poverty.
Is a small country that
is the same size as Wisconsin.
The population is half of U.S population.It's one of the world's most densley populated country's.
Thousands of people have moved to Kathmandu has a problem with over-crowding and poverty.It's is one of the world's least-devolped country.
Is a small kingdom
that lies in the Himalayas.
Tourism is a big part of the economy
most people are farmers. Sri Lanka
It is a large island
off India's southeast coast.In 2004
people were left devasated after the
tsunami hit 500,000 people were left homless. Please get handout and sit down quietly (Ryan Cain). We will go over it when everyone is done.Today Ms.Lackey & Ms.Beasley will be your teacher!:]
We Love You!!! (:
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