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Brave New World

To examine the theme of the nature of Power and Control

Katie Zohorsky

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Brave New World

The Nature of Power and Control
By: Katie Zohorsky BRAVE NEW WORLD... Power is gained through...
1. Free flowing drugs
2. Sleep teaching/conditioning
3. Control of reproduction
4. Denial of history All creating... Total control of society! By: Katie Zohorsky #1. Power Using Soma...

"A gramme is better than a damn," They must maintain control and power using soma to achieve social stability in society Technology is used as a tool! The community acts like gears oiled and ready to work like a perfect machine, achieving the optimal goal of happiness. Soma has the ability to distract and its sole purpose is to eliminated discontent all together providing instant gratification . In today's society soma would be comparable to drugs like marijuana. In Brave
New World it's created to produce ultimate happiness in society. The citizens of the "World State" have been conditioned to love the drug, and they use it to escape any momentary bouts of dissatisfaction. The problem, as one character identifies, is that the citizens are essentially enslaved by the drug and turned into mindless drones. It doesn't in any way promote personal growth. Instead, soma provides a mindless happiness. It makes people comfortable with their lack of freedom and heightens suggestibility, leaving its users vulnerable to government propaganda. Thinking about purpose is said to be a danger to society.

"When the individual feels the community reels" #2. Conditioning and sleep teaching to achieve power And if anything should go wrong, there's soma. Which you go and chuck out of the window in the name of liberty, Mr. Savage. Liberty!"
- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 16 "There's always soma to calm your anger, to reconcile you to your enemies, to make you patient and long-suffering. In the past you could only accomplish these things by making a great effort and after years of hard moral training. Now, you swallow two or three half-gramme tablets, and there you are. Anybody can be virtuous now. You can carry at least half your morality about in a bottle. Christianity without tears-that's what soma is."
- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 17 Community, Identity and Stability are the three main optimal goals set out to achieve success. To do this they must initiate power and control over individuals. Hate books Hate the country Promote erotic play Love their place in society Babies are conditioned to hate the countryside (represented by flowers) but to consume transportation going to the countryside anyway. This promotes consumerism, which helps the society to run. By conditioning individuals to do this, power is used to support the community. Individuals are conditioned to hate books because it's a solitary activity, which is bad. Books also provide knowledge which can create questioning. Its goal is to produce a society where people are happy with what they've got and not dislike what people in other classes have. That way, nobody gets jealous of anybody else's life promoting Stability. People are conditioned to... Alpha Epsilon Beta Gamma Delta These lessons are all taught by sleep teaching "And that," put in the Director sententiously, "that is the secret of happiness and virtue-liking what you've got to do. All conditioning aims at that: making people like their inescapable social destiny."
- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 1 •"Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they're so frightfully clever. I'm awfully glad I'm a Beta, because I don't work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid. They all wear green, and Delta children wear khaki. Oh no, I don't want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are still worse. They're too stupid to be able to read or write. Besides they wear black, which is such a beastly color. I'm so glad I'm a Beta."
- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 2 Till at last the child's mind is these suggestions, and the sum of the suggestions is the child's mind. And not the child's mind only. The adult's mind too-all his life long. The mind that judges and desire and decides-made up of these suggestions. But all these suggestions are our suggestions... Suggestions from the State."
- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 2 The state has control! #3.Power through control of reproduction

"Ending is better than mending " By thinking about:

Philosophy etc.

These create a society imbalance, effecting the very existence and happiness of individuals. Power then must be used, in this case in the form of technology to control society. #4. Power using denial of any history of future

"You all remember, I suppose, that beautiful and inspired saying of Our Ford's: History is bunk." hypnopaedia Bokanovsky's Process is used instead of human reproduction. A Bokanovskified egg will bud, will proliferate, and will divide. It creates eight to ninety-six buds, and every bud will grow into a perfectly formed embryo. Every embryo will then grow into a full-sized adult, making ninety-six human beings grow where only one grew before.

=Progress in Brave New World.

The modern fertilizing process in Brave New World begins with the removal of the woman's ovaries. "...the operation undergone voluntarily by individuals for the "good of Society". The state has power by controlling fertility of new babies. This strips the individuals humanity. Having children in our society is the #1 fundamentally most important process of human life without this they have no attachment to anything. Therefore there is nothing to love and the state gains total power by creating this mindset of only focusing on their own needs and wants. "Ninety-six identical twins working ninety-six identical machines!" The voice was almost tremulous with enthusiasm. "You really know where you are. For the first time in history." He quoted the planetary motto. "Community, Identity, Stability." Grand words. "If we could bokanovskify indefinitely the whole problem would be solved." The point of conditioning is to create total harmony without jealousy or conflict. Individuals don't miss the freedom they never learned to have. All conditioning that takes place, are the States suggestions, showing the power they have over individuals using technology. This creates no questioning and perfect Stability, maintaining control. Every individual born into society is put in one of these classes, and is given a certain job to preform in society according to it. Everyone is happy with the place and level they have in society. Higher status People in the Brave New World society are shunned if they actually have a child! As show with the alienation of Linda, from having John. John is very emotional over Linda's death, because they are connected. Linda is his mother!

Human reproduction=attachment

Death= Emotions tied to attachment

Emotions disrupt stability! The State gains control and power over the society by using technology, to reproduce scientifically, creating test tube babies. This overall stops attachment, and stops individuals from experiencing an emotion other than happiness. "These," he said gravely, "are unpleasant facts; I know it. But then most historical facts are unpleasant." The Director, Chapter 2 In conclusion power in Brave New World "is a matter of sitting, not hitting." Rather than use violence to enforce the law, those in power in this futuristic society have simply programmed the citizens to be happy with the laws.

This maintains control and aims to eliminate all problems!
Mustafa Mond the controller of all western Europe uses the nature of Power and Control to run this "Utopian" society. Brave New World:
Creative Project

The Nature of Power and Control History is in the past Never be alone Individuals are conditioned to disregard the painful lessons of history and to ignore the past in order to focus on future progress. Society disregards history because if people understood what came before, they might be less willing to put their trust in science and progress.

History is "bunk," as Mond says, indicated that history revolves around human frailties and emotions such as love, anger, vengeance, and temptation. These emotions are no longer part of the human experience in the Brave New World Society so therefore have no place in a society built around maximizing happiness.
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