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Writing a measurable objective

Using mobile tech to write a measurable objective

Lisa Nielsen

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Writing a measurable objective

How do we know when we get there?

a measureable
objective .. our
for learning.

Let's take 3 more steps!

Been There,
Done That....
How will YOU, the teacher, know?
How will others know?
How will the students know?
What are your thoughts?
Is it graduation?

Is it preparation for
a life of learning,growing,
and succeeding?

Is it passing your class?

Writing measurable objectives
starts with the goals.

TAlK to and LISTEN to
the students...So we will
ALL know
when we get there!

Write objectives WITH students?

Share the curriculum/content and discuss the desired outcomes.

Give students the objective, the have them CHOOSE/design how they want to show that they've learned/mastered it? (the measurable part)

More than the test.
What is the students'
evidence of learning?
How will you, the teacher, know when they objective is met?

How will others know?

How will the students know?
Writing a Measurable Objective
You had it and you could share it!
Evidence of learning:
You repeat it, use it demonstrate it, understand it, share it....

Marzano's Research
Students will be able to______
Students will understand_____

Sets Your Destination
So you can plan your trip
Turn to your neighbor and share your favorite
Bible verse.

Measurable objectives are the specific measures we use to determine whether or not we are successful in achieving the goal.

Individualized learning plans
Meet Special needs, gifted, ESL...

Use verbs and include specific conditions (how well or how many) that describe to what degree the students will demonstrate mastery.


Colorado Christian University shall:

Honor Christ and share the love of Christ on campus and around the world;
Teach students to trust the Bible, live holy lives and be evangelists;
Be a magnet for outstanding students and prepare them for positions of significant leadership in the church, business, government and professions by offering an excellent education in strategic disciplines;
Teach students how to learn;
Teach students how to think for themselves;
Teach students how to speak and write clearly and effectively;
Give students significant opportunities to serve our Lord while they are at CCU and to help them develop a lifetime habit of such service;
Become a great university
How do I know I met my objective?
3 thoughts
when writing a measurable objective
What do we usually share?
Standardized tests scores? Grades?

Could we better share the objectives
with parents? the community?

Could we create more
REAL audiences?

Is the learning relevant?
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