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Introducing ... The Common Core: ELA

This is a basic overview of The Common Core, for workshop presentations in Massachusetts

Kevin Hodgson

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Introducing ... The Common Core: ELA

Presented by Kevin Hodgson
Introducing ... The Common Core: ELA
A Visual Overview
Increased non-fiction reading texts
Focus on "text complexity"
Increased use of "evidence" to inform writing
Emphasis on argumentative writing
Reading comprehension skills over decoding skills
Explicit teaching of academic vocabulary/ texts
Literacy taught in ALL content areas
Technology and Media literacy
The Shifts
"Close reading" skills
Increased text complexity
Combination of longer/ shorter texts
Information/non-fiction texts
Focus on comprehension/critical thinking
Synthesis skills
Reading Strands
More expository/information writing
More writing in all content areas
Less personal narrative (and very little poetry)
Focus on Argumentative/Persuasive writing
Use of "evidence" and sources to support ideas
Writing Strands
Use of voice to project "stance"
Oral presentations to "synthesize" information
More focused, guided classroom discussions and debates
Challenge assumptions with research
Collaboration with others for solving problem
Publishing for authentic audiences
Speaking/Listening Strands
Reading/Writing taught in ALL content areas
Writing to learn activities
Studies of genres (ie, historical documents, lab reports, etc.)
Explicit instruction
Content-area vocabulary
Research-based analysis
Authentic writing assignments
Literacy Across Content Areas
PARCC Assessment: in 2014/15
What's Coming?
English Language Conventions
Taught within contexts of reading and writing
Content-area vocabulary
from http://goo.gl/gqA3f
from http://goo.gl/88YF1
from http://goo.gl/88YF1
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