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The Journey of My Writer Self

No description

Tarah Angelina

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of The Journey of My Writer Self

6:00pm on a Random Thursday
20 Minutes Later...
40 Minutes Later.....
3 Hours Later....
The Next Day....Around 6pm
2 Hours Later....
The Journey of My Writer Self
Tarah Ehlert
My Map of Writing
This map will explain, or rather show, what I like my environment to be when I am writing.
Next up, I will be showing an
example of what my writing process was like in college!
For this next part, I will be talking about who I am as a writer and how I came to be that way. Except, I will be telling my story a little differently. One of the languages I know is American Sign Language (ASL). To express myself I will be signing and telling my story at the same time!
My Writer Self Story
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