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CG presentation

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Gina Garzione

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of CG presentation

Double click anywhere & add an idea Why use compression garments? Compression garments have been used to help aid in performance and recovery.
They are advertised to decrease recovery time and delayed onset muscle soreness.
The decrease in recovery time allows the athlete to compete sooner and better due to less pain and more muscle that has been reparied.
"Recover quicker, perform better. Experience a new level of recovery" - Skins
"Cold weather compression legging built with ergonomic Flatlock seams to bolster muscle support and eliminate abrasion." - Under Armour How do compression garments work? Blood needs assistance to return to heart
Compresssion garments enhance this muscle pump effect
By adding more pressure, like the muscle pump, to the veins, blood pressure is increased
More blood with exercise-induced muscle waste is flushed out
More blood with nutrients to repair damaged muscle is brought in
Thus, recovery time is decreased due to an increase in blood flow Methods Signed consent form
Measured height, weight, and girth measurements
BP cuff
Inflated BP cuff to 30 mmHg
Pulled compression garment up
Added any air needed
Pulled compression garment down and read measurement
Difference between 30 mmHg and the second measurement is the pressure exerted on the leg by the compression garment Results A pressure gradient of 24 mmHg to 10 mmHg is needed.
Participant 2 was the only one who had a sequential pressure gradient in both Skins and Under Armour
None of the participants had enough pressure determined to be benefitial.
There were two participants who almost had the appropriate pressure needed at Site 1 (most distal) with 20 mmHg.
Skins garment provided more of a gradient than Under Armour.
Spikes and tournicates. Conclusions Skins: not a consistent sequential gradient and the pressures were not what was needed to be beneficial.
The Under Armour garment did not provide a pressure gradient any more than the Skins garment.
75% of the time both compression garments found to not meet claims. Hypotheses Pressure gradient of compression garments is affected by the different proportions of body.
Skins uses a height to weight ratio to determine the size needed.
A problem because not everyone is proportional.
Under Armour uses girth measurements at the waist and hips to determine the size needed.
This may work better than a height to weight ratio because the extremity itself is being measured.
Apollo Ohno
Usain Bolt The Problem The first hypothesis is the Skins compression garment will not have sequential pressure due to variances in the proportions of the body that are not taken into accout by the product's sizing charts.
The second hypothesis is the Under Armour Cold Gear compression garment will be more consistant in distributing a proper pressure gradient than the Skins. Limitations and Future Research Available garments
A larger test group may show more variances or consistencies.
Using different sizes might also show a different pattern.
Garment pressure measuring device
Doctor supervision Acknowledgements Thank you to all the participants.
Thank you to all the teachers that helped with this study.
Thank you to everyone else who helped me in some manner through this study. Any Questions? Compression Garments: Are They Worth the Money?
Gina Valenti Participant 2 Only one to have a sequential gradient.
Not enough pressure. Compression garments are not worth it! $115.00 ?
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