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Dunnes Stores

No description

Darren Wickham

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Dunnes Stores

Consumer Behaviour
Company Introduction
- Established in 1944

- 156 stores, with over 15,000 employees

- Market share of retail sector is 23.8%

- They offer a mix of contemporary fashion, stylish homewares and quality-assured food
Section One
Review of Dunnes Stores' Digital Marketing Strategy
Current Digital Marketing Strategy
- Poor Twitter account with only 3 tweets (last in 2010) and 1,171 followers

- Facebook
is updated regularly to show offers with little interaction with their 48,041 followers

- 5,135 followers on

- Ability to buy clothes and houseware online

- No app for mobile phones
Online Shopping Service
- Motivation is the driving force which cause people to act when a need is sparked.

Biogenic Needs
(Customer needs it)
Dunnes Stores customers' biogenic needs are for food and clothes.

Psychogenic Needs
(Customer wants it)
Their psychogenic needs are for good valued and quality products.

- Perception is the process through which consumers are exposed to information, comprehend it, place it in memory, and retrieve it for later use.

Perceptual Process

- Selective Exposure
Dunnes Stores target families through advertising on family friendly social media platforms (Facebook).
- Selective Attention
Dunnes Stores target customers wishing to use the internet to buy clothes through its online clothes store.

- Attitudes are how customer are affected and influenced by previous experiences and considerations of the brand.

- People can be influenced by society in general's perception of a company. Their attitudes are an offspring of their peer's opinions and testimonies.

- Dunnes Stores attempt to evoke positive attitudes among consumers through family centered advertising.

Motivation (Contd.)
- Digitally, Dunnes Stores are fulfilling customers' needs for clothes through promotion on Facebook and the availability of clothes ordering on their website.

- However, in terms of food there is an inability to order online and there is a lack of advertising promoting food products on social media platforms.

- This could deter potential customers from choosing the Dunnes Stores brand.
Perception (Contd.)
- Selective Comprehension
Dunnes Stores market their products as being Irish, of better value than competitors and of a good quality
Examples of this is their branded 'Paul Costelloe' homeware and their 'Savida' clothing line
- Selective Retention
Dunnes Stores use family orientated images such as children modelling their clothes to attract the attention of parents
This will ensure they will remember Dunnes Stores as a family brand
- Lack of interaction with followers on

- Only 3 tweets, with the last in 2010

- Missing an opportunity to engage with potential customers and develop a personality

- Falling behind main competitor Tesco (484K tweets)
- Large following with 48,041 likes

- Dunnes post regularly on this forum, however purely used for advertising their products

- Lack of offers or competitions in order to involve potential customers

- Interact with customers on
, which in inconsistent to their lack of activity on

- No cohesive voice across both social media websites

- Poor for a company with over 15,000 employees

- Only connected with 88 of their employees on this professional network

- Only basic information with no job vacancies posted on their page
- Offer the option to order clothes and homeware through their website

- No facility to order groceries online

- Falling behind competition in this aspect of retailing (Tesco and SuperValu)
- No application offered for mobile devices

- This is ever growing industry

- Many competitors offer this facility to customers (Tesco, Lidl and Aldi)

- Can be linked to social media and company website to advertise offers and products to potential customers
Section Two
Consumer Behaviour Analysis of Dunnes Stores' Digital Marketing
Interactive Marketing
Stephen O'Neill C10324767
Darren Wickham C10326609

Twitter Recommendations
- Utilise to greater effect to develop brand personality

- Need for more interaction and engagement with consumers

- Tweeting offers and promotions, as well as company news and current events

- Promote customer feedback and retweet positive customer experiences

- Run competitions through twitter with prizes such as family days out in line with the company’s target market

Facebook Recommendations
- Refrain from exclusively advertising clothing

- Post more offers and promotions on a wider range of company products

- Run competitions through Facebook to involve potential customers and raise awareness for the page and motivate engagement

- Cohesive voice between social media accounts as it a means of outlaying messages to large number of potential customers for free and encouraging engagement with the brand

LinkedIn Recommendations
- Use page to advertise job opportunities within the company free of charge to a wide audience of professionals

- Regularly sharing positive stories regarding the company that appear in the media to boost the public’s perception and attitudes of the company while motivating potential customers to shop there
Website Recommendations
- Place greater emphasis on advertising groceries as well as clothes

- Add ability to shop for groceries online to target consumers not willing to commute such as mother’s with hectic schedules

- Promote offers on both clothing and groceries to attract customers and market Dunnes Stores as a better brand

- Link social media accounts to the website
Interactive Marketing Recommendations
- Develop an app

- Display offers and promotions

- Ability to shop online through the app

- Link with social media

- Link with Dunnes Stores loyalty scheme, whereby use of the app generates higher level of points

Current Digital Marketing Position
- As you can see from our analysis Dunnes Stores does not currently have a strong digital marketing strategy in place.

- We believe our recommendations will help establish Dunnes Stores in the digital world, enabling them to better compete with their competitors across all platforms.
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