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Match (p. 89)

No description

Geovane Portiglioti

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of Match (p. 89)

Match (p. 89)
a) But Darling, this isn't our baby!
I know, but it's a much nicer pram!
b) Have you got anything to keep my hair in?
How about a shoebox?
d) How do I avoid falling hair?
Jump out of the way!
c) He's very sensitive about his hair.
I don't know why. He hasn't got any!
e) How was that lotion I gave you for growing hair on your bald patch?
Well, my head's still bald, but I have to shave my fingers twice a day!
f) My brother's a naval surgeon.
Wow, they do specialize these days, don't they?
g) My new baby looks just like me!
Well, never mind. As long as it's healthy.
h) They said the baby looked just like me.
Then they turned him right way up.
i) Well, you'll be pleased to know that the operation to cure your deafness has been a complete success.
j) What's the new baby's name?
I don't know. we can't understand a word he says.
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