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Compare and Contrast-ELA Mini-Lesson

No description

Bubble Singh

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast-ELA Mini-Lesson

What does it mean to compare and contrast?
Viewing the differences or similarities of separate items, quantities etc.
Viewing and comparing items, quantities, etc. with their opposites.
Examples of Comparing:
1.) Oranges are bigger
most apples.
2.) My first semester grades were

my second semester grades.
3.) Which sport do you like
, soccer
Contrasting Examples:
1.) Summer months are are hot and sticky, whereas winter months are
the opposite
Absolute Contrast
2.) A dandelion
white and yellow
a turnip
Comparisons are most commonly used by many authors. Take for example Christopher Paul Curtis, author of the current book we are reading: Bud, Not Buddy. Here are a few examples...
Comparing and Contrasting in Bud, Not Buddy.

3.) Night is dark and black,
day is bright and sunny.
Examples of Comparing in Bud, Not Buddy
Key words to look for when searching for compare and contrast INclUDE:
- Whereas
- Even though
- While
- Opposites (White and Black)
- Than
- Better Than
Thank you for your attention!
1.) In chapter 5, Bud's mom compared Bud to a bud. Buds mom said that a bud is a " little fist of love waiting to unfold and be seen by the world." (Pg. 42) Bud's mom
Bud to a bud by saying that he is one. This an example of a metaphor.

2.) In chapter 2, Bud compares how fast he started saying apologies to the Amoses to the speed of John Dillinger shooting bullets. This shows that Bud is really trying to say that he told the Amoses apologies very quickly, which also is a
Comparisons are most common in literature. Comparisons are used to make the story being told more enthusiastic. There are many forms of comparisons which include similes or metaphors. Comparisons are a big part in literature.
This has been a compare and contrast English lesson. We hope you learned from this presentation .
By Akashdeep Singh and Bryant Olaverria-Diaz 631
Compare and Contrast-ELA Mini-Lesson
Steve Jobs
Placed into fosterage by his mom
Abandoned his studies to follow his goal.
Now Let's Compare Steve Jobs and bud!
Steve Jobs is the founder of the Apple company. He has gone through many experiences in his journey. Let's see how Bud is similar to Steve Jobs!

Placed into fosterage when his mother died.
Left the Amoses home to find his father.
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