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Never Forget a Wine You Loved or Hated

Tandra Felly

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of WineLife

The Woman: Tandra Felly
The +5 David Wells, Matt Johnson, Eric Wooley, Aaron Cheever, Ivan Rodriguez
WOMAN + 5 Description Wine Life is an app for wine-lovers that enables you to "check-in" to wines you drink and rate them on a scale from 1-10.
Your check-in includes the rating, a picture, and your own review of the wine.
These reviews are saved to your profile and show up in the Grapevine, a news-feed display that shows all of your friends' recent check-ins. Competitive Products/How We Compare -Wine Notes, Delectible Wine, Corkbin (All free)
-We will stand out by providing an easier-to-use app that is cross-platform. (Android, iOS, & Web)
-Wine Life was built in the heart of wine country which gives us access to many of the top wineries in the world.
-We plan on working directly with Sonoma & Napa wineries. How to Monetize Wine.com
-Wine Life receives a 5% return from all wine.com referral sales
Winery promotions in app
-Work with wineries to get promoted wines in the Discover section of the app.
-Wineries will be able to market new wines by offering discounts, or other incentives, when people "check-in" to it
Why invest?
-This is "Social Wine Drinking". It gives people the opportunity to share their tastes with friends.
-It also encourages people to learn more about wine and try new wines
-Wineries can get closer with their customers
-Has the potential to expand since we are right in the wine country and are surrounded by wine-lovers Live Demo! Screenshots COMING SOON
to an app store near you Social Wine Drinking. Login or Register See what friends are drinking on the Grapvine! Discover new wines Screenshots Check in to a wine Your profile keeps track of all your wines Follow all your friends! never forget a wine you loved.
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