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Kings and Queens of the Middle ages

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Marina Brown

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Kings and Queens of the Middle ages

Responsibilities of a queen
A queen of The Middle Ages responsibilities included taking care of her children, educate her children, pray often, and many more.
Kings and Queens had many forms of protection such as an inner bailey, 8-10 foot thick stone walls and knights. These knights were incredibly smart, strong, and brave. They were specially trained from the age of 6 or 7. Through out these year until they became a knight, they learned things such as grace and courtesy, weapon skills, how to ride a horse, and so much more.
Kings and Queens of the Middle ages
Kings and queens ate many different types of food. Many of which Peasants could not afford. Including soup, stew, meat roast, rice, almonds, fish, bread, and much more. Peasants did not eat this food simply because they had a much smaller pay.
Some kings and queens looked like...
Kings and Queens lived in Castles with 8-10 foot thick walls. The king had his own room called a solar. The king and queen would also have a room for them and their children. These rooms had fireplaces to keep it warm, a large bed, and it was grandly decorated.
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