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My study, my future

Magic Castle

雅玮 王

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of My study, my future

My Family
The most precious memories were created with my families. Those memories worth me to cherish for my whole life.
I am very proud when I say to others that Jason Zhang(Zhang Jie) is my idol. I love his voice and his personality. His songs always encourage me to keep on going forward. Although my life is bumpy, I still can conquer the difficulties confirmedly. When I listen to his music, I always feel relaxed and impressed from the bottom of my heart.
My life in UM
My study,
my future

knowledge is power
growing in the sun
When I was a little girl...
I always had a lot of questions to ask my mother"
Mom, why the sky is blue?
why the sunshine is warm?
why the rainbow is colorful?"
My mother always gave me a satisfactory answer.
...because there is a sprite in the sky,
and he paint it into blue.
...because the sunshine can open your heart,
and bright your heart.
...because the rainbow is a bridge of love,
and it is about something beautiful.
s i n g i n g

d a n c i n g

playing the Erhu

c a l l i g r a p h y ...
I love singing~
It's me!
I was a dancer before, but now, I am a little bit fat. I am ashamed of dancing...
Sad thing
I believe that someday I will be on the stage, and dance well~
Just a hobby
Playing the erhu is just a hobby of my life. I never think about to be an expert in this field, because......! singing is my fave~
I can write calligraphy, but my handwriting is not very good in the daily life~ haha~~
Full of love
Dear Family,
I am OK in Macau~Please be relieved~
Although it is far from home, I can still feel the warm of you.To be honest, I really miss you all and my hometown. I hope you can take care of yourselves. I can be independent now...
Finally, I love you all forever~
Best wishes
Warm harbor
A letter from love
My idol
You are the brightest star in fans' heart.
You can send out positive energy to us.
You can bring us hapiness and love.
Iet me listen to...<stand up>
To be a forever little star~
Karen Ren
Elaine Chang
Carrie Deng
My Future
Maybe I will be a teacher in the future. My major is Pre-Primary education, and I also like children very much. My mother is a teacher too. She said teacher is a pure and noble profession. If I become a teacher, my future will be full of love and happiness~
My future
will be...
I want to be a singer when I was a little girl. I have fell in love with singing since I was 6 years old. I know that being a singer is not very realistic for me, but I will insist on singing no matter I am a singer or not~ If I become a singer, my future will be shining and toilsome.
Maybe I will run a pet shop in the future. In my childhood, my mother bought me a cat, a dog, two chickens, two rabbits and many fish. I really like animals. So if I have chance, I will open a pet shop to keep many kinds of animals. With my patient care, the animals will be healthy and happy~
I have studied in UM for nearly 1 year. Luckily I get a lot of nice friends in this year:
and so on~ And I learn a lot of knowledge that I have never heard before such as what I learned in CISG class~ Although some of the course are difficult, I would work hard to enrich myself~
My current studies
I am in a good condition now. I am little bit busy, but I enjoy this kind of study mode. I would never regard my study as a complex work. I just want to live a simple and colorful life in UM.
My major is Pre-primary education. This semester, I take two compulsory courses, one of them is Child Development and another is Educational Philosophy. These two courses are closely related. It will be useful in my teaching life. I should try my best to understand them.
I am from Mainland China, so I can't speak cantonese before. But now I am learning it in a specific class twice a week, and I find my cantonese is better than before!
I think I need perseverance in my current studies. When I am tired, I usually want to take a rest and after that I maybe don't want to continue my uncompleted work in time. I am a slow person actually. I must speed up in my future study I think~
future plan...
Recently plan
1. Apply for UM Honor College
4.Learn korean before I go to Korea
2.Get good grades in mid-term and final exam
3.Think of some meaningful gifts that for my old friend
5.Lose weight!!! haha~
Further plan
1. I want to get a job in Macau as a teacher
2. I want to earn money by myself and take my parents and grandparents to have a trip.
3. I want to marry a good man in the future~
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