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Valeria garcia

on 17 March 2014

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IDEA #2: Put All Computers To Sleep Mode.
The goal of this project is to save money and electricity for the school. In this project, we can't use any funds of our school nor the help of the teachers. Even the implementation of the plan must be organized and done by the students themselves. Our group has come up with 3 ideas.
IDEA # 1: Open Window And Turn Off Lights
Our first and most convenient idea to save electricity was to open the windows and turn off the lights near the windows.
The way that this idea will be actually come into action is by forming an ESP Club. After school, the club members will be going to every classroom and checking if the lights are off. We can have a beautification or cleaning day during the weekend during which the students and their attending adult can help clean the windows, so the amount of the light entering the room doesn't change. Members of the ESP Club will earn community service hours.
Monitoring the process of the implementation will be a hard task. So it can't be performed alone. As we mentioned before, we are planning to form a ESP Club, that will monitor the whole process of the implementation.
Our second idea consists of setting all the computers to sleep mode. This will save not only the energy of the computer, but also the electricity. During the day, when the teacher isn't using the computer, he or she can put them onto sleep mode. At 5:00, the school county set the computers to shut down.
After doing some research we found out that the district is already having this idea in consideration. But since they haven't yet, we can put this into action by making an announcement every morning or send out every teacher an email saying that the computers should be put to sleep when not in use.
This idea, once again can be monitored by the ESP Club and ourselves.
The amount of money being saved is $150 a year/ per computer. And if we estimate that the school has 200 computers, then the school will save $30,000 a year.
Our third and last idea is to turn off the A/C during the weekends and nights. We were informed that the A/C works ALL through the night AND during the weekend . This has greatly surprised our group. This will surely save a lot of money to the school.
IDEA # 3: Turn Off A/C During The Weekend And Nights
We plan to put this into action by having the ESP Club members that arrive early at school to turn the A/C on. After school, we can have other members of the ESP or other clubs( which there are plenty of) to turn the A/C off. We can make a schedule and see and who can do this important job.
As we said before, this can be monitored by the ESP or the volunteers ( teachers) to monitor this.
The numerical number wasn't determined, though this will save alot of money due to the amount of A/Cs.
The school will save about $16,000 in the lighting, unlike the $ 26,000 it spend before.
Valeria Garcia
Daniella Giovanetti Gonzalo Gonzalez
Nikos Dupuy
Period 3
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