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regan rex

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Norway

In Norway fish and grilled salmon is very popular, they crave for seafood all the time. They also have sandwiches that they desire, on one of their sandwiches they put buttered sliced of toast,meatballs,herring,fish fillet or liver plate.
In the 19th century, the landscape artists made paintings. Until that time the art scene had been dominated by Germany and Holland.
The people wear "bunads," with silver jewelry ornaments. Except the women wear dresses.
By: Regan Rex
Norway's icons are their flag, and the coat of arms. The coat of arms has a golden lion, having a crown on top of the bearing and holding a golden axe with a silver blade.
The buildings in Norway, have wooden panels,slate roofing. Traditional houses are a lot smaller,to make the house cozy and warm. Wooden fireplace or wooden stove are put in the center of the house.
Fun Fact
In Norway it's common to grow
grass on their roof.
Norway speaks norwegian and it comes in many different styles. They have two official languages, Bokmål and Nynorsk. About 90% norwegians use Bokmål, and Nynorsk is taught in schools today. Telecommunications were also used, and they are like cellular phones.
Place and region
Physical systems
The biosphere of Norway is the fish and the other sea creatures.
Human Systems
Environment & Society
They also need water to drink, need petroleum to make products. Their environment has lakes,forests,oceans,even has islands,mountains,etc.
Norway's population density is 15.9. It's population is 5.165.800 million. Norway is an urban area and has a t of people living their.
Emigration and immigration
In Norway their is immigration and emigration. People probably want to live closer to family or might not be happy anymore. People may visit because they are interested in, Norway;s culture,environment,family, or great schools.
Norway exports petrolium, and petrolium products,machinery,equipment,metals,
chemicals,ships and fish. The imports are machinery,food,chemicals,and metals. They trade with the U.S,China,Switzerland,Russia,Turkey,and Japan.
Norway's enemies are they fought several wats with Sweden. Sweden, Great Britain, and Germany used to be their enemies.
Norway's absolute location is 62 degrees north and 10 degrees east. Norway's relative location is on the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe, borders are Finland,Sweden, and Russia, Arctic Ocean,the Barents aea and the Norwegian Sea.
Their human characteristics are the long wave transmitter Ingøy of Norsk Rikskringkasting. Norway's political region is usually divided by five regions.
Human Characteristics
The lithosphere of Norway is they have a lot of mountains,rivers,lakes, forests,islands,etc.
They depend on fishing, for eating because seafood is very popular in Norway, since it's surrounded by the ocean.
Physical Characteristics
Norway is one of the most countries in Europe that is mountainous. Has deep forests,lakes,rivers,formed islands,and mountains.
The economy is, a mixed economy. Has a vibrant private sector,large sector and extensive social safety net. The government controls key area, such as vital petroleum sector.
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