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Pammela Amorim

Apresentação Pessoal

Pammela Amorim

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Pammela Amorim

Pammela Amorim
Elementary and High School
Telecommunications Technician
Telecommunications Technician Intern
Repair of analogical and digital devices.

Telephone exchange operation.

Generate reports about the telephone sector issues.
Telecommunications Engineering
POV ROM Project


Work Experience USA
Work exchange program.

Hostess and Saleswoman.

Deal with a new culture.
Configuration Engineer Intern
Experience in microwave and optical networks projects.

Prepare the equipment configuration and the Bill of Quantities.

Interaction with internal and external customers to solve problems related to configuration.
Opções "Curtir "
03/2000 to 12/2006
03/2004 to 12/2006
05/2007 to 02/2008
08/2007 to 03/2013
08/2010 to 10/2010
12/2010 to 03/2011
05/2011 to 03/2013
Captioner Volunteer

04/2013 -
Translation from English into Portuguese of lectures and classes

Bidding Manager

06/2013 - 12/2013
Division of tasks and integration between departments in answering RFPs, RFIs, RFQs to telecommunications carriers.

Monitoring the process through Bidding Plan.

Application of taxes and commercial factors in the price sheet.
Network Designer
01/2014 -
• Prepare presentations about Data Communication products.

• Provide the equipment quotation, including taxation part.

• Create technical proposal, answer Statement of Compliance and make the Bill of Quantities.

Personal Contacts
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