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Separating Salt & Pepper

This Experiment will demonstrate how Pepper & Salt will be mix and soon be seperated by the Static Electricity from the Comb.

Joseph Martinez

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Separating Salt & Pepper

Separating Salt & Pepper Materials 1.Cloth
5.Balloon By:Joe Brandon Gonzalez and Joseph Martinez Mrs.Young 7th Period Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to demostrate how static electricity can be used to seperate pepper from salt when mixed. Step-By-Step Procedure 1. Shake some salt on a flat surface with a table cloth
2. Shake some pepper over the salt.
3. Mix the salt and pepper together with your fingertips until there as even mixture of the salt and pepper
4. Set your comb with a static charge by rubbing it against cloth.
5. With your comb charged slowly lower it above the salt and pepper mixture, teeth side down until its above 1 inch away.
6. Like magic the pepper particles from the salt particles and cling to the comb. Independent Variable Dependent Variable The number of times we succseeded and failed. The number of times we attempted it. Result/Conclusion When the comb is rubbed against the cloth or balloon it becomes negativley charge and will attract the pepper particles which are positivley charge. References www.Sciencefairprojects.com
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