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Diego Maradona

No description

emma m

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona
What did he do?
He captained his team in the 1986 World Cup Finals, and fisted two balls into the net,
a foul was never called against
this illegal play, people believe
he was helped by "the hand of God"
In Napoli he led the club to
Serie A titles 1987 and 1990
yet his drug addiction continued
leaving him with a 15 month
suspension and a disgraced country

Some Facts
he joined Boca Juniors in 1981
and brought them to win a
championship before moving to Barcelona
while in Barcelona he allegedly
starting using cocaine(1983)
considered the greatest soccer
player of the 80's
Fifa expelled him from 1994
World Cup tournament
he is arguably the best soccer
player from a country where about
92% of the population practices
he led his home team to victory
against the English in the
1986 World Cup
considered a social banner and
critic against his country when
politicians were unable to deal
with self-defeating problems
Who is he?
His game of life
Diego Armando Maradona
He was born
Oct. 30, 1960
in Lanús, Argentina.
Raised in Villa Fiorito
(outskirts of Buenos Aires)

How did he Influence Spanish Culture?
What I think
I think, while yes he make
bad decisions he made
up for them
In Argentina they say
everything is forgiven
most if not all Argentinians
forgave him for his mistakes
and look at him for the
good things he did
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