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No description

anna collins

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Cowboys

Wanna be a Cowboy? The west Boots Lets get this kicking
with what I think of
when I think of Cowboys... Maybe when you were young? either way.. Its rolling ... Gambling Horses ... you get the picture...
Now on to the main event This is my cowboy poem
CALLED Thats what you get I was just thinking,
Thinkin about why.
Feeling like a child?
Im just a calico to that cowboy
Not a sister.

I was feeling attached to a hobble,
Him- hes more of a maverick.

He knows why and where
Every time he is get his pay,
He knows.

I am I child, her child and
His child. He is a child,
Her child. Not his.

Like ah buttermilk he was left,
Today he keeps her ole secret.

Yea I felt like a child
But im not, I know
Im old enough for this shooting iron.
Im old enough to know. He know that

We told her secret
That old wrangler ran!

Maverick looks at me like a sister today.

The end- THE END hihi ~ THE END ~ dont 'get' some of that cowboy slang? its ok! .. heres what they mean. Calico - cowboy's slang for a woman
Hobble - device used to prevent horses from running away
Maverick - an unbranded cow or calf of unknown ownership
Buttermilk - motherless calf
Wrangler - one who herded horses understand? http://www.jens-roeser.de/Gemaelde/images/Cowboy%203.jpg http://shoestutor.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/cowboy_boots.jpg http://www.mikhaela.net/weblog/uploaded_images/cowboys-722458.jpg & Now you may understand the slang but now im gonna tell you what that poem means... This poem was about a women who is married and has a child however its not her husbands child. She then secretly raises the child as her son but pays him to keep quite. Then she has a daughter who is actually her husbands child. The girl gets older and realizes its her brother and is not happy that he refused not to treat her as a sister (because of the secret). Therefore she they both tell the girls father and he runs away because he is so angry.
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