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Event Design

No description

Svetlana Chebysheva

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of Event Design

Aims of the Session
-To understand why experience is important in the event industry today

-To analyse the `experience industry’

-To evaluate customer experiences

-Critically analyse the stages and dimensions of event experiences
Experiences Involve
-participation and involvement in consumption

-being physically, mentally, emotionally, socially or spiritually engaged

-a change in skill, memory or emotion from participation

-conscious perception of intentionally encountered, gone to or lived through an event or activity
effort to deal with psychological or internal.
-Science & Technology
techno age
-Demographic changes
baby boomer idea/gen X
-Lifestyle patterns
-Value shifts
work : to live or to leisure

The Experience Industry
What is an experience?

In USA a furniture store, Jordan’s, helps shoppers get in the mood by providing a hint of pine and the sound of crickets as they stroll past fireplaces in Racoon Lodge.

Is it uniquely different?

Is it everything?

-infuse a product
-enhance a service
-create an entity

The Experience Industry
Experience Infusers
The Experience Distinction
Las Vegas
watch a spectacular pirate fight, cruise the Nile, witness a volcano erupt, see statues come to life.

: Experience distinction is individualized involvement, reaction and response.

Toffler called it
, meeting psychic needs after basic needs are taken care of.

Can you think of an example of a:

Retail store

That try to create an overall experience?

The end

Event Design
Defining Experience Session 3

We no longer just ‘go out’ anymore

A trip to the cinema has become
a ‘ outing to an entertainment center to
a health club a ‘social adventure’

We get served ‘premium ice cream’ or ‘exotic

Experiences have integrated into our lives

Visits to leisure sites become experience outings.

The promise of the experience is what helps attract us to it.
The Disney Store?
Tea at the Waldorf?
Status Quo Pub Tour
David Bowie’s web site

Experience of discretionary activity
We are moving beyond functional necessity

experience becomes part of the service/product package.


We all eat but have a range of choices about where we decide to eat

Products and services distinguish themselves via their unique experience

Experience industry segments

service providers who create experiences as central core of service

manufacturers of product for experience marketability

service provides using experiences to heighten
satisfaction levels

Customer Experiences
Shift from customer quality service provision
to interest in the customer

Individual needs

Name recognition

Creating special programmes

Service- care- connection - collaboration

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