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Business English - Marketing & Advertising

No description

Marilena Piesker

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Business English - Marketing & Advertising

Market Research What the help!? What the help ?! Marketing & Advertising The research process Consumer market research

Business-to-Business (B2B) market research Types of Research Primary or field
research Secondary or
desk research Identify a
problem Set
objectives Gather
data Analyse
data Types of segment Classifications What the help?! - The research process Direct competition: needaproblem.com sells problems to bored people
pricing: EUR 1.-,5.-,50.-,500.-,5000.-
varies in difficulty
main difference: fictitious problems Can our business
model generate
revenues on the
market? Survey (duration:
1 month)
analysis in cooperation with an external specialist research company Questionnaire Analysis:
demografical The 4P’s and the marketing mix strategies to market a product
right mixture of instruments is necessary 1.Product
4.Place Threats: less customers less profit

Opportunities: help desperate people Indirect competition different branch that might take customers away

e.g. consumer electronics in general , various entertainment possibilities ?! main functions of advertisement Agenda Market research
Target group
Advertisement Questionnaire Our advertisement Questionnaire announce new products
highlight the unique features of a product
build a firms image around its product
increase market share by stimulating demand
educate consumers about the products
highlight special events
concessions, sales and late openings purpose of advertising inform potential buyers of the availability of goods and service
persuade people to buy or behave in a particular way 2 types informative advertising
gives useful information
persuasive advertising
uses 'hidden persuaders' Goals of the questionnaire mix of types
inform about our concept
persuade people to use our website work simplification ambition where to show our advertisement? television and radio
local newspaper
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