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Math-Bridge WP9 Quality Evaluation

The presentation for the 1st year evaluation of the Math-Bridge project related to WP9 Quality Evaluation

Christian Mercat

on 18 October 2010

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Transcript of Math-Bridge WP9 Quality Evaluation

Reasoners Ontologies of Competences and Topics Organization of Learning Objects Learner's model Adaptation to pedagogical context Best Practices Evaluate Gather Lecturers' for effective tutoring Establish a Community of Practice where users' opinions are valued Forums, discussions around learning objects, methodologies, tips and tricks Agree on pedagogical success indicators
Classify different pedagogical protocols Final Exam
Intermediate Exams
Overall achieved competencies in LearningModel
with respect to a planned goal Control Group
Relation face to face and Distance Learning
Distance Learning only
Tutored Distance Learning Once the technical side of the questions are cleared (T9.2) driven by planned usage correlated with
usability questionnaire should be in the
M-B database different remedial scenario promote individual learning Formative & Summative Forums, chatrooms, IRC logs
Questionnaire associated with
Content from the point of view of users ? Quality Improvement Cycles More a WP8 task Very diverse partners Very diverse pedagogical resources
and methodologies Largest integrated body worldwide! A fantastic teaching tool, are we able to measure at least of its salient features? Math-Bridge provides pedagogical added value to the learning experience Let's try & prove that some the effects of Proposed Strategy Indicators

Protocols pre & post-test M-B assessments
automatically generated and
hand-tuned based on
- prerequisite competencies selection
- trained competencies selection - Control groups in remedial scenarios involving
paper & pen pre & post-test assessments
such as second session for a failed exam
- Each student group for a particular course is tagged
with a Lickert scale pedagogical protocol
- face to face & strong interaction to
- Distance Learning only.
Every course teacher has to select prerequisite and trained competencies and make the connection with a group of students following this course, and check that the generated assessments are valid for his/her course. Control groups are not always necessary, the increase of the prerequisite competencies and the possible acquisition of trained competencies are the main measurements. Hypothesis to verify:
- time spent on the platform
correlates with a knowledge gain?
- math as a scientific tool (fractions,
complex numbers, calculus) is better
when trained concretely?
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