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The Joker & Antisocial Personality Disorder

No description

Juan Poole

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of The Joker & Antisocial Personality Disorder

Causes for ASPD include:
being abused as a child
growing up with parents who have ASPD
growing up with alcoholic parents
The Joker's father was both abusive & an alcoholic this could likely be the cause for his disorder. That combined with the insanity that followed his dip in toxic waste.
2.5 to 3.5 percent of people have ASPD. The condition is much more common in men than in women.
Family Therapy
Difficulty treating because of multiple issues such as: Depression & Anxiety and because of the severity of the symptoms.
The Joker & Antisocial Personality Disorder
Antisocial Personality Disorder Symptoms:
Failure to conform to social norms
Lack of remorse
Irritability & aggressiveness
Consistent irresponsibility
Disregard for safety of self or others
Has no kind of socially accepted job, has trouble obeying laws, and has an unhealthy obsession with Batman and dressing in green & purple.
The Joker fails to plan ahead & commits unpredictable murderous acts considering them inconsequential. He's an impulsive homicidal maniac.
The Joker exhibits persistent lying & deceit. He's supposed work along side thugs & perform a robbery but instead kills them off & fails to honor any financial agreements.
The Joker exhibits aggressive violent behavior by always getting into fights & constantly trying to kill Batman. He also at the end of The Dark Night, attaches bombs to two boats, one filled with prisoners & the other with innocent people. The Joker shows his violent ways in this scene by jeopardizing innocent people's lives.
The Joker shows no signs of remorse by harming innocent people never showing as much as a frown. He steals, kills, breaks laws, and finds delight in it.
Has no kind of job. A compulsive liar who does not honor agreements & lives for the simple thrill of trying to destroy Batman and Gotham along with him.
The Joker violates the rights of others. He doesn't hesitate to hurt or use someone innocent if they're to get in his away. He leaves a path of destruction behind him & has no regard for who gets hurt along the way.
By Juan Poole
Course of disorder
The Joker's father was an abusive alcoholic who would often lash out on him & his mother. Later he lived a pretty normal life up until his wife was murdered while he was disguised as the criminal Red Hood, being pursued by Batman. While being pursued the Joker falls into a vat of chemicals which bleaches his skin, colors his hair green and his lips red, and drives him insane.
An effective type of psychotherapy for ASPD would be one that could help the Joker understand the nature and consequences of his disorder.
Cognitive Therapy: Although first developed to treat depression, cognitive therapy has recently been applied to ASPD.This therapy is the most likely to succeed & it comes with a professional trained to help the patient overcome ASPD, someone who can predict emotions and present an attitude of acceptance without moralizing.
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