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AYB Guc Newsletter!

No description

AYB GUC newsletter

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of AYB Guc Newsletter!

500 X Eid AYB Family Spirit! Input 3 Input 1 Output Members' Development Events
Achievements Newsletter AYB..... i7na ben7lam b eh???! AYBian Stars & Rising stars! AYBians Promised To Ayb members el3ozam <3 Noran Yasmina Marwa Samir Areas of development "Elmatareya" "AYB-GUC" Input 2 Processing Teamwork training
by zizo Essence of leadership by Shady Eneim Iliteracy Eradication 6 candidates finished the windows, word and powerpoint modules... now working on finishing the rest of ICDL modules 1st chapter done in IE
curriculum book Development of sona3 el7yah book I7na bn7lam nshof elmogtam3at elfa2eera f baldna a7san We fight poverty through sustainable development not only through instant aid Ben3alem, benshaga3, bensha3'al projects ..... bentawar f el-Matareya ..... 3shan mosta2bal a7san lbaladna. Teach me to fish, don't give me a fish! xD Ana 3ndy 7elm..... w mesh hasibo! Children's Program I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier- Whitney Huston Atfal el-Matareya mesh bs ben3alemhom... we develop their sense of Teamwork, Leadership and Creativity Computer Learning Center Creativity by
Amr kamil Hazem Doha Nadine Rana Ouzy Keswa Et7arak- Go-Karting Et7arak-
Cairo runners & Bescletta Amr May Ready ! WA HONA TA2TY FAR7ET AL ENTSAAR !! xD GO ..GO ..GO!! legend says : waraa2 kol event 3azeem, loyal and responsible people mabatush f byuthum =) (Thumbs up) MOVE & be Proactive. Community development Poverty Income Productivity Living standards A better future Education Hope Development Life Illetracy Happiness Self-Awareness by
Shady Barakat Omar AbdelKader (CLC member) 
and Sherif Fawzy (CP member) Speacial thanks to: Speacial thanks to: Special thanks to: To do my best & give everything I can to AYB.
Noran Afifi To solve the energy crisis and
to develop myself in order
to help others To change myself to a better person and work hard to help change anyone surrounding me, and to smile More=D
Lama Asharf To do my best for
AYB to help in developing
Egypt – Nouran Mamdouh To help improve the educational
standards and eradicate a maximum
number of people’s illiteracy by creating
the first IE-AYB GUC book ISA. To help whoever I can and
be committed to AYB To make an impact on CP To be more responsible to
people who need help
especially old aged people To change someone’s
life to be better To never give up on AYB's children.
Salma Osama &
Nada El-Ibiary An akon men
rabena orayeb To be an active person and change Egypt.
Rania Abdel Fattah To help people as
much as I can To be positive To chase my dreams and work hard for a better Egypt.
Dina Nashaat To develop my
country in any
way I can Masr kolaha
AYB fi 2020 An abzel kol gohdi w
takati men agl balady Help people try to
make 50 people I promise to enhance myself to
be a better person, to be more
effective in my community,
I dream to be a leader who
can make Egypt better
with no poverty or ignorance Al e7san To try make tommorow Better than yesterday.
Omar El Hariry To make an economic difference in my country.
Sarah Yassin Not to give up or lose hope in Egypt An abzel kol gohdi w takati men agl balady Nefsi kol wa7ed yebda2 benafsooo lw da genan etganen To stop wasting
my time to be more positive and never gave up on my dreams I will never make fun of someone masri ye3ish 3ando hadaf w ye7a2a2o For the 4th time AYB-GUC organized it’s "Mat3ayedsh le wa7dak" garage sale. More than 1500 piece of clothes were collected, sorted and displayed in a fair in Matareyia. Clothes were sold with nominal prices and the profit was used in our Micro-Projects. Special thanx goes for our great team leaders
Amal Magdy and Mohamed El-Azhary. AYB & Bdaya collected donations to distribute 700 kg of meat on 500 families in matareya and GUC workers f 3id el ad7a.
fi mashree3 ba2alha aktar men 2 years...hanedeeha new loans 3ashan neg7o & we'll help their businesses to grow zay mashroo3 el "Fera5" Micro- Projects Currently we have more than 6 successful running. projects One of our projects is working now on GUC Senior T-shirts :D Ra2yak Byere2 Campaign for Trustious, a website that will help you decide which is better for you, and this is done by reviewing people's opinion for a certain product.
For every opinion there is a donation that ranges from 2 to 8 pounds for poor people Bank.
Because our main aim is to fight poverty, we are not just developing in Matareyia; however, we are participating in any work that will help us reach our dream. AYBGUC '13 Opening ceremony This event is organized every semester and the purpose of this day is to make the children from Matareya enjoy their time for an entire day. Nourhan Nasr Head Children’s Program (CP) sees this day from a slightly different perspective. The day starts when the buses arrive at Matareya and there is a of almost 65 excited children with wide smiles spread across their faces. The children jump into the buses as fast and they can and the day starts. As soon as the buses reach the GUC campus the children are screaming at the top of their lungs, they don’t want to wait a minute longer in these buses. Nourhan grouped the rest of the organizing team step outside the buses in order to assign each group of kids to a leader. On the other hand, these children are growing more excited by the second, their voices are so loud. “I could hear them from the main gates scream; their excited voices made me tear up” Farah Thakeb- Head Motivation and Recreation (MR). You might think that they are just a bunch of children whom are eager to get out and play, but Nourhan explains that these children have been acting like adults for so long and on this day they get to be children again. At a young age, they are obligated to stay home, work or drop out of school and help their families. As soon as the bus doors open, the children don’t wait, they are overwhelmed with joy that they rush out and start to run around the Green garden. It took a few moments to bring back the order. Then the entertainment started with water-balloon fights, clowns, face painting, handcrafts and lastly colorful masks and ties were handmade by a talented member Mai Haddara. The children ate and the day ended with the final clean up after the meal which shows that the lessons being taught by the CP team were well delivered. “It’s these little changes that you see that make you realize a change was made” Finally, Nourhan stresses on the fact that she and the team learned a lot from these children. “They have the most difficult life conditions and yet they smile and go on with life.” They have so little, but so little that they can appreciate, while others have so much but can’t appreciate anything. They truly do teach us so many lessons in life. Don’t they??? Written by Doaa Badran (MR) Za2tata Day 2 This is called Love =D Recruitment Al Mataryia Campaign “Al Mataryia Campaign” main purpose was to publicize for Alashanek Ya Balady activities in Matariya. we wanted to promote for the idea of development, to deliver our vision and how important it is to start to change; We wanted to reach every family in Matareyia. We dream of developing every member in the family, starting from the child who might need educational and moral help, passing through the youth who might need help in learning computer skills or get an interest-free loan to expand a business, till the parents who might need to participate in Illiteracy Eradication classes. We have received more than 150 applications and now we have new students enrolled in our programs :D Et7arak Et7arak-W 23rf Nafsk "that feeling that you get when you draw a smile on a child's face is like no other! =)" AYB oath try out Your Personality Your personality and behavioural style are measured through what is known as a self-report personality questionnaire. A self-report questionnaire is a ‘test’ that asks you through covert questions (reading the question doesn’t reveal what it measures) about aspects of your own personality which are relevant to the workplace. For example, your response to a question about how you behave in a party can indicate about your ability to work in teams. The information collected on you is collated into what becomes known as your ‘personality profile’ .The personality test is different from the aptitude tests:
A personality test has no right or wrong answer.
A personality test is not timed.Try this personality test and find which type are you.

http://kisa.ca/personality/ A Y B Our General Meeting Farah Wanas (CP) Rana Kahla (IPR) AbdelRahman Tarek
(Logistics) Rana Nuito (Media) Shady Sekkina (Fundraising) Basem El Addawy (Fundraising) Ibrahim Kabash (logistics) Hazem Tarek (logistics) Hazem Shawkat (Media) Shokran lel Team leaders al 3ozamaaaa2: Samar Osama (IPR) Amr Said(EPR) Samah "If there is a Will... there has to be a Way" Eman Written By: Doaa Badran (MR) Development Ouzy w hazem w rana w nadine, ay event byb2o active w bygebo akherhom, awel nas bteegy w akher nas btmshy da 3'er enohom bys3do f ay 7aga ayb te7tgha ara media ...w lma byfkro fel sho3'l ,3yzeen yb2a creative, afkar gdeda bygboha 3shn yezhro kol elbn3mlo f ayb w f a7sn sora
by3mlo da mn nfsohom msh mestnyeen shokr mn 7ad
w i trust each one of them yb2a law adem head sana lgaya
eno hwa gadeer bel position da
w speacial thnx l Rana <3 Miral- head media Kol AYBian lazem yeb2a fahem 2d hwa yefre2! =), swa2an kan programs aw OC, kol meeting enta betroo7o, enta bet3mel far2, kol event enta bet7daro... enta bet3mel far2, w far2 eh?!
Enta bet2rb masr 5atwa zyada towards a better tomorrow, by just doing ur job in ayb swa2an b2a bet3alem nas, aw f media, aw f logistics aw, aw, aw ,aw...... enta bet3mel far2 youmy f 7yat nas keteer =)!!!....... w i7na 3ndena elkodra enena nghyar ay 7ga mesh 3gbana, mesh hanstana 7ad ygy y3mlena 7ga!.........
wana 3ndy 7elm w mesh hasibo! =D Salma Alaa- MR When we give we experience our strength and our weakness , leaving us more willing to change.
“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” -Mary Anne RadmacherAYB It's been a Journey ! Nada El-Ibiary -CP Shereen elKadeem- publications head F ay gap... f ay wa2t fady aw wana m3addeya, bla2y nafsi 3ndy makan lazem aro7lo, elfekra eno fi nas bantamy leehom.... this is my AYB moment =) Azhary - IE head I didn't choose stars, because we are a team of SUPER stars! =D 3abar 3an nafsak! This Photo means the world to me... for 2 reasons
first That old German guy came to me on Thursday while preparing for the AYB opening and asked what are you doing i explain what is AYB and so on and he says German youth should learn from the Egyptian will and spirit to change their country its quite inspiring.

Second i invited him to the opening he laughed and said well thank you and by the way im the founder of GUC :)
"A man with great achievement and position yet humble and listens carefully and doesn't present himself until the end so not to intimidate me. Well sir your youth might need to learn from ours but Our elderly are in desperate
need to learn of yours".
- Karim el safty
3/12/2011 Omar Jimmy- Former IE Head Karim el safty- Former FR Head “7amlet el Matareya “Kan 2s3ad yom fe 7yaty , el 7amla de kona bn7darlaha gamed 2ableha 3lshan konna 2wel marra n3melha w kan nfsena tnga7 2we , 3amlna meetings w fakrna f kol el requirements bta3tha w 7ateana 5etat w 3malna prrogram nemashy 3aleh el yom w elhamdullah rabna m5azlnash 2badan. 27la 7aga kanet fe el yom da da3awat el nas lena , ta5ayal sha5s wala t3rafo wala y3rafak w yd3elak 2n rabna ywafa2ak fe 7ayatak 3ala maghudak 2ly bte3mlo. Kont b7es 2ny tayer mn el far7a w b7es mn kotr ma hya tal3a mn 2alb el nas f3lan 2n el d3wat de mostagaba=)…2aham 7aga kanet 3andna fl yom da el target bs ana 2ektashft 2nna kesbna 7agat kteer 2we mkonash n7lam beha mnha 2n elhamdullah b2ena ma3rofeen koways 2wy fe el mante2a , el nas ba2et 3rfa momken tla2ena fen lw 27tagona, kol el committees 7ata 2ly sh3’aleen on campus sharko fl 7amla w garabo sho3’l el programs , el members kolohom now 3ndohom experience ezay ynazelo 7amla f 2y w2t w 2y makan. Mn 27la el 7agat bardo kanet fe el yom da en el members nazleen el matareya w homa mesh mor3’ameen enohom yego w mesh bya5do mokabel w bylefo 3la el nas w byt3abo w byego 3la nafsohom w betla2ehom fe el 2a5er mabsoteen , kol da 3lshan 7aga wa7da , 3lshan 27na 3ndna 7elm w mesh hansebo . elhamdullah b3deha 2btadet fesul ma7w el 2omeya lel regal w lel sayedat w fesul ta3leem computer le shabab el mante2a. Omar Jimmy- Former IE Head Dina Nashaat - DA Vice Head Fe 7ob AYB !
"3alashanek Ya Balady" homa bebasata talat kelmat 5alo l 7ayaty ta3m tany. Ba2eet mesh 3aysha l nafsy w bas, ba2eet 3aysha lel nas w el hadaf ely ana 3aysha 3ashano ba2a a7la bekteer
Ta3alo 2a2oloko ba2a eh ser 7oby l AYB mesh 3arfa 2a2oul eh walla eh walla eh bas ya3ny ha7awel matawelsh 3aleeko
Awalan, enaha "waseela l ta72ee2 goz2 men 7elmy" w howa eny 2asa3ed el nas w 2aseeb 2athar 2egaby f 7ayat-hom w 2a3'ayarhom lel a7san. Nesfy kol ensan yeb2a 2ader yenfa3 nafso w yenfa3 Masr. AYB ba2a betsa3ed el nas tenfa3 nafsaha w el7dl bet3'ayar 7ayat-hom lel a7san 3ashan ye3eesho 7ayah kareema. "MAHO MAFEESH A7LA MEN ENAK TEB2A MO2MEN B ELY ENTA BETE3MELO W BET7EBO, 3ASHAN KEDA AYB A7LA 7AGA " Thaneyan, "EL NAS" ! "The AYB Family" ana mala2etsh zayohom f 7etta walla hala2y ana mota2akeda. Asl homa el nas ely beysharkouny 7elmy el gameel w homa bardo el nas el gameela ely 3andohom 3azeema, entema2 w 2etqan w rou7 7elwa w f 2albohom kol 5eir.
Thalethan, "Tananeen DA" el nas w el committee el 3azeema ely bantamy leeha. Ana fe3lan sa3eeda w fa5oura bl sho3'l ma3ahom. Shokran DA w shokr 5as lel KABEERA Aya Diab 7abebty .
Rabe3an, "EL EVENTS". Fe event ya3ny fe booth ya3ny halbes el lebs ely ba7ebo (hoodie/T-shirt AYB), ya3ny hayeb2aly fl gam3a beit tany lemodet 2esbou3 masalun w afdal 2a3ady fl gaps w arou7 fl free slots w keda, ya3ny hashouf el nas ely ba7eb ashoufha kolaha metgama3a w sowar ba2a w kolena bensa3ed fl event. ALLAH :') 5amesan, "EL HIGH BOARD EL MOWAQAR" ely 2endemamy leeh kan men as3ad el 7agat ely 7asaletly el sana de f AYB lama ba2et fl High Board 3ereft ezay el nas de betet3ab 3ashan AYB dayman tefdal f a7san soura. Lakom kol el takdeer w el 2e7teram
Law 2a3adt akteb mesh ha5alas w lazem ab3at el kalam da l MR 3ashan el news letter .. A7eb ashkorhom shokr 5as awy 3al sho3'l el 3aly da
2a5eeran w laysa 2a5eran, 2a7eb ashkol kol AYBian, el High Board w el el Upper Board 3ashan lolako koloko makontesh hala2y 7aga 2aktebha aslun Rabena yekremko.
Ana 3andy 7elm w Mesh Haseebo .. 3aslashanek Ya Balady Salma Doaa Hend Seif El-Islam (CP Vice head),
Ahmed Mahmoud,
Mustafa Talaat,
Lama Ashraf
Maram Hesham Speacial thanks to: Take the first step, and your mind will mobilize all its forces to your aid. But what's ESSENTIAL is that YOU BEGIN. Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. MOVE AND TAKE THE STEP, IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW BIG IT IS , BUT HAVE THE BELIEF THAT IT COULD CHANGE THE WORLD :) 1 Discover your true powers
2 learn how to use your mind
3 control your state and emotions
4 Discover what you really
want from life
5 attract and achieve your goals Mostafa Nayel the president of AYB explains that there has been constant improvement in terms of the Microcredit loans project. He gives an example about a woman named Samah who couldn’t afford to purchase a sewing machine and asked AYB for a loan worth 500 Egyptian Pounds. After a period of time, it was noticed that Samah’s small business was slowly starting to grow. In fact, Samah now receives orders from faculties within the GUC for their senior t-shirts. On the other hand, Samah’s husband Yasser is a chef who suffers from diabetes and had to leave his job after he passed out during working hours. Yasser now does not have a fixed job and works only for certain events. For the past two years, this loan was a great opportunity for Samah to be independent and to support her family. Eman is a young girl from Matareya who faced many academic difficulties in school. In her last semester exams she failed 4 subjects and her step father wanted to pull her out of school. However, Eman’s mother wanted to give her daughter another chance and thus got in touch with AYB-Children’s program (CP) and requested help for her child. Mariam Wessam and Yasmeen Medhat from the CP team then volunteered to help Eman with her studies and to provide her with all the support she needed in order to help her pass the year. Eman’s mother explained that her daughter had gone through a tough time after her father passed away. Eman’s case was taken care of and a one-on-one tuition was provided and she slowly started to gain back her confidence. The next semester’s midterm exams started and Eman did surprisingly well in most of her subjects. With the help of God and Ayb's volenteers Eman proved to her family that she could work hard and push through her hard times. Finally, we must not forget Eman’s mother who worked very hard to provide her daughter with a proper education and hopefully a better career. Samar Usama (IPR) How to reach your Goal? 7 Fundamentals of Life 1 spirituality
2 health and fitness
3 personality
4 family
5 social life
6 work/study
7 financial independence Inas Abulmagd (IPR) Shady Basem Sarah Sarah
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