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Holly's Ice Cream

No description

Holly Chau

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Holly's Ice Cream

-Public relations-

Presentation for journalists and bloggers

Member cards

supported charitable organizations like "Stop Global Warming" Product: Ice cream

Price: Mid-range to High-end

People: ABC1

Place: Relaxing place/Store besides the
healthy food store/ Supermarket

Promotion: Advertising, PR, digital media Marketing Mix Primary research Competitors Secondary Research Ben and Jerry's Premium ice cream
Finest quality and natural
Eco-friendly company
High price/ market status
Charities: "1% For Peace", "Support Farm Aid" and "Common Cause Education''
Target Audience : ABC1
****** especially : housewife "who care about what products they put into their bodies" ...................................
Holly's Ice Cream Promotion Product Price Mid-range
High-end Aim to emphasize the high quality of the ice cream whereas people from lower middle class afford to buy as well People Target Audience -Young adults -Females -ABC1
*People who :
concern health
care body size
want to relax
like natural things Place ................................... Supermarket (Tesco/ Sainsbury's)
-in the center of the fridge Stores: beside some healthy food stores
(e.g. Holland & Barrett)
Store in:
-Brighton Beach *Ice cream

made from fresh fruit juice
low fat/calorie
fruit, cone/ tup/ stick selection
size selection Magazine Cosmopolitan


Natural health Digital Media Direct mail (send to members per month)
& Own site, Facebook & Twitter page about :
special offer : e.g. buy ten (collect stamps) get one free !!!
sale : e.g. free cone on Thursday !
Location of ice cream car/ bike in SUMMER !!! Ben and Jerry's
Haagen Dazs
Magnum Haagen Dazs Premium ice cream
Finest quality
High price/ market status
Brand: sexual fantasy and "shared indulgence"
A sense of freshness & personal care for the customers
Target Audience : ABC1 Magnum Premium ice cream
Selling: indulgent, aspirational, pleasure-seeking lifestyle
finest ingredients-silky ice cream dipped in thick Belgian chocolate
Target audiences: Adult ( ABC1) Emotional selling point
Unique selling point Ben and Jerry's : natural, eco-friendly Haagen Dazs & Magnum : aspiration All of them : good quality !
-------------------------------------------------- Holly's Ice cream USP : Good quality, made from fresh fruit juice, low fat &healthy ! ESP: (aspiration of )simple, pleasure, life style, memory Branding ! reputation market status self-esteem Brand Essence Premium ice cream
Good quality
Natural & healthy
Simple Brand Personality Simple/innocent
Healthy/ natural
Fit/ slim Brand Identity "Our simple little pleasure" "Our simple happy memory" Colour Colour Colour Luxury sweet,feminine,
charming (feels like little girl) Thank you !!! ***According to BBC Food (12 May 2013) many consumers in the UK are prepared to pay a premium for what they view as an "affordable treat" British consumers spend £130 million on luxury ice cream each year. ***Of the people in the UK
49% buy tubs
51% buy sticks
35% buy cones
31% buy lollies
25% buy the desserts from vans NEED TO FIND OUT :
people associate ice cream with?
E.g. pleasure, great experience, memory, relax, etc.

what kind of taste most of people like?
E.g. strawberry, blue berry, red berry, black berry, mixed berries, banana, mango, orange, etc.

how much they are willing to pay for a premium ice cream?
E.g. £2.50 - £3.00 for a scoop

how I carry out the research?
invite some females (target audiences) to do questionnaires (since Holly's ice cream's selling point : healthy & natural --> the research will be conducted beside some healthy stores 'e.g. Holland & Barrett' ;
also !!! conduct the research through Facebook by asking people who have liked pages about healthy lifestyle, it is cheap & convenient !!! RELAX !!!
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