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Shakespeare: Historical and Social Context

Project for Mello Blk 1

Christie Little

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Shakespeare: Historical and Social Context

Historical and Social Context Shakespeare Who was the Queen of England during the time Shakespeare began to write? Who ruled after her? Describe these aspects of Elizabethan life: -Queen Elizabeth I ruled when Shakespeare began to write.
-King James I ruled after her. 1558-1603 Give the approximate dates of the Elizabethan period. Primogeniture:
-A rule that the eldest son inherits everything, even if the eldest child is a girl. What is primogeniture? The Bubonic Plague:
-A plague that rodents got, then fleas spread to humans.
-Caused high fevers and painful swelling of the lymph glands called buboes.
-It affected society because almost everyone got.
-It killed many people, and affected even more Food What was the Bubonic Plague and how did it affect society during Shakespeare's time? Identify the social classes during Shakespeare's time. The social classes:
-The Nobility
-Royalty, lords, and ladies
-The Gentry
-Knights, squires, and gentlemen
-The Yeomen
-The Poor
-Had little money, lowest class Describe the status of women. How would a young woman respond to a request from her father? Status of women:
-Women were dependent on their male relatives to support them for almost everything.
-Their lives consisted of...
-Arranged, loveless marriages
-Short life expectancies
-Constant child bearing
If a woman's father made a request, they would have to obey it. Varied according to status and wealth. It was prepared through spit roasting, baking, boiling, smoking, salting, and frying Socialization Big cities where a lot of people lived. Suburbs of London had a lot of theaters and attracted people from all places. City life, hygiene, crime Hygiene was bad because bathing was not simple. Crimes were frequent, like high treason, spying, murder, and witchcraft. Houses were crammed together and streets were narrow. Homes High chimneys, thatched roofs, glass windows, symmetrical facades Clothing Clothes were dictated by wealth. There were underclothes and overclothes
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