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Small Airlines

No description

Chris Williams

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Small Airlines

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Small Airlines
Sun Country Airlines
Jeff Schaffer
By Team AC964WC
Or you could just call us Team 1, but we prefer AC964WC
Allegiant Air
Allegiant Air is a low cost carrier that is owned by Allegient Travel Co.
Allegiant Air does not pay as well as other larger carriers, however, it offers a more friendly environment for its employees.
Allegiant Air operates McDonnel Douglass Aircraft, and bought 6 Boeing 757s, which fly non stop year round to Honolulu, Hawaii
Allegiant Air's core focus is to maintain low costs.
In order to maintain low costs for the customers they mostly operate out of smaller airports where there is a lower cost for landing fees.
Allegiant Air also keeps costs lower by purchasing old aircraft to which they refurbish for the tenth of the cost it would be to buy a new aircraft, however, these aircraft tend to be less fuel efficient.
Allegiant also keeps costs low because a lot of their revenue comes from renting out hotel rooms to customers

Allegiant earns most of its revenue through sales of food, beverages, and souvenirs on board as well as charges for checking luggage and advance seat assignments.
Allegiant's chairman and CEO, Maurice J. Gallagher Jr., has stated that "Unionization is one of those things that clogs the arteries and makes you less quick and not as nimble as you need to be on top of your game... In this industry and others that are heavily unionized, you ultimately end up with bankruptcy as the primary driver"

Allegiant currently operates a fleet of 66 aircraft that fly to 79 different destinations depending on the season.
There are currently 379 pilots working for Allegiant, with none being furloughed.

Allegiant Air is currently hiring pilots and classes for hiring will be taking place during September and October of 2013.
By Chris Williams
Sun Country Airlines began in 1982, when former employees of Braniff International formed a new company with MLT travel group.
The minimal requirements to be considered working for such a great company are having an ATP, having 3000 TT fixed wing, with jet and PIC preferred.
History continued
The airline quickly became profitable and began an operation out of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. It remained this way for many years, until 9/11, when it went bankrupt, and had to be restructured, losing all of its then-current fleet of Boeing 727's and McDonnell Douglas DC-10's in the process.
Flight Routes
The Airline operates its main base at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, with focus cities at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and Lansing Capital Airport in Michigan.
Hawaiian Air
Grow a profitable airline with a passion for excellence, our customers, our people, and the spirit of Hawaii.
Zero furloughed
replacing boeing airliners with airbus
47 Planes
~ 11 years old
based out of Honolulu International Airport in Honolulu, Hawaii. they also have a hub in Seattle Tacoma International Airport in Seattle, Washington
flys anywhere from west coast in US to New York and japan to the philippines and canada to american samoa.
Sam Davis
Hiring but not accepting applications currently
Minimums: ATP and 1st class medical
preferred minimums: 1000 hours turbine and 300 multi engine
doing well. coming out of a recession but now growing consistantly.
The airline also offers hotels, cars, show Allegiant also keeps costs low because a lot of their revenue comes from renting out hotel rooms to customers
The airline also offers hotels, cars, show Allegiant also keeps costs low because a lot of their revenue comes from renting out hotel rooms to customers
The interview process will require you to take a technical exam and a simulator exam.
Two thirds
Family oriented, very happy environment

For our decision on which airline to chose, our main focus was on how well the airlines treated their employees, with things such as destinations, location of domociles, and aircraft types to be of relatively little importance.

Our main reason for this was that we wanted to work for an airline that would allow us to live to the best means and had the best employee relations, and not really caring particularly much about where we did it.
Working with Sun Country
International destinations
Boeing 737-800
-17 aircraft
-162 passengers

Boeing 737-700
-9 aircraft
-129 passengers

International destinations
Working relations
Economic status
After entering bankruptcy again in 2008, Sun Country Airlines was purchased by Cambria, a Minnesota-based tabletop company. In 2011, the company exited bankruptcy, and is once again active.
Cancun, Mexico
Since sun country has always been a small airline, and still is to this day. Because of their small size, they are not currently hiring.

They start of first-year pilots at $31/hour, and after 12 years, it caps off at $127/hour for captains, and $83/hour for first officers. Not the highest bay of our bunch.
San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
Cozumel, Mexico
Average fleet age: 11.7 years
Puarto Vallarta, Mexico
Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Mazatlan, Mexico
Liberia, Costa Rica
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
And of course...
Sint Maarten
Since the company's purchase by Cambria in 2011, the company has been doing fine.
The company has taken multiple initiatives towards sustainable development. Among these have been a no-paper policy, reduced ground time, and using newer equipment.
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The airline does not currently operate any codeshare agreements
Virgin America is a low cost carrier that focuses on providing low fair high quality service between the west and east coasts of the U.S.
Virgin America
Virgin America only serves 3 international destinations, all of which are in Mexico
Virgin's main hub is at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
They also have a large presence at LAX and JFK
In Conclusion:
Virgin America operates 43 Airbus A320-200 aircraft
and 10 Airbus A319-100s

they recently placed an order for 30 Airbus A320neo aircraft

The airline that was chosen to be the best Airline to work for was:
Virgin America was chosen as the best airline to work for because of the following factors:
The domiciles that Virgin America operates out of were agreed to be some of the best locations to work in around the United States.
Employee Compensation
Virgin America currently operates a very large fleet, which is expected to double is size by the year 2022.
Employee Compensation
A 1st year 1st Officer at Virgin starts at 49$ per hour with a 70 hour a month guarantee
A 1st year Captain earns 112$ per hour with the same monthly guarantee
Virgin America offers its pilots a much higher starting salary, which increases as your time with the airline increases.
Pilot Information and Requirements
Virgin America currently employees 618 pilots and 0 are being furloughed
The large fleet offers pilots a variety of aircraft to fly, allowing for pilots to move up in their pay grade depending on what they decide fly.
And lastly, Virgin America was chosen because of its friendly working environment, that treats its employees with respect and equality.
Th predicted growth in Virgin America means that there will be more opportunity for pilots to move up on seniority list quicker and recieve better opportunities for where they work, what they fly, and earn a higher salary.
4,000 TT (excludes helo, sim, and FE time)
A320 Type Rating; recent flight experience of 1,000 hours total time as PIC, in turbine or jet aircraft.
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