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Leadership: Styles and Behaviors

No description

Pedro Ortiz

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Leadership: Styles and Behaviors

Lisa Curran & Pedro Ortiz Leadership: Styles and Behaviors Leadership Styles Leadership Defined Day-to-Day Behaviors Two dimensions encompass day-to day
Initiating Structure
Defining and structuring
Building work relationships Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson Is there likely to be one best style?
What factors might impact the
appropriateness of the various
styles? The use of power and influence to direct the activities of followers toward goal achievement. Idealized influence
Inspirational motivation
Intellectual stimulation
Individualized consideration Transformational Leadership Pattern of behaviors that inspire followers

“Transactional Leadership”
“Laissez-faire” leadership
Absence of action Transformational Leadership Richard Branson "A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts." Leader Decision-Making Styles Which fits where? So What’s Missing? Scientific support:
Following model
Effective decisions 68% of the time.
Not following the model
Effective decisions 22% of the time.
A Leaders’ instincts usually violate the model
Leaders generally
Overuse consultative styles and
Underutilize autocratic and facilitative styles Time-Sensitive Model Day-to-Day Behaviors Performed
by Leaders Scope of Virgin Group Questions Do you think it is easier to be a transformational leader when resources are almost limitless and the leader doesn't have others to answer to? Why? Delgative
Style Facilitative
Style Autocratic
Style Consultative
Style High Follower
Control High Leader
Control Initiating Structure Consideration Membership


Communication Recognition

Representation Initiation


Production What is it? How effective is it? At which aspects of transformational leadership would you say Branson excels? If the Virgin Group were to go public tomorrow, knowing what you know about how Richard Branson leads the organization, would you be willing to purchase stock? DOB: July 18, 1950
Surrey, England
Self-made billionaire entrepreneur
World record breaker
Owner & Founder of Virgin Group Ltd A little history Time-Driven Model of Leadership Decision Significance Leader Expertise Employee Expertise Teamwork Skills Importance of Commitment Likelihood of Commitment Shared Objectives
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