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nani yuliani

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of Chemicals

Addictive & psychotropic substances
Chemical in cleaning product and
the effect.
Chemicals in paints and insecticide:
Effect of chemicals and how to prevent it:
Opinion on using chemicals in daily life:
in daily life
in food
We can use any chemical product as our daily needs. But, don't use too many chemical product especially for our treatment body like facial foam and many more.

Substances in cigarettes and the effect.
Effects of liquor to social life and health
Cadmium: Is a chemical used to make batteries. It can cause cancer, damage the kidneys and the lining arteries.
Liquor can effect humans heart such as stroke, high
blood pressure. Brain, liver, pancreas, cancer. Be unemployed because people who drunks are not responsible to their obligation.
Close up
Triclosan is used in soap. It's found in antibacterial product to prevent bacteria from our body.
Phosphate is used in detergent. It has high toxic and can gives caustic effect.
Psychotropic substances
The sign of a drug:
Addict on using drug and ways to prevent it:
The dangerous and health on Psychotropic substances:
Food additive substances and the usage:
kinds of natural food additive substances and the function
Kinds of artificial food
additive substances and the function.
Additive substances in food products
Advantage and disadvantage
Food additive are substances to enhance the taste and appearance. It used to preserving, pickling and salting.
There are salt, sugar, vinegar, dye and rosemary extract that are made from nature. Their function is to flavoring, preserving food and it's more healthier.

Sweetener: To help the sweet taste more sharper.
Preservative: To extend the period of food.
Dye: To gives the food more colorful.
Thickener: Used to thicken food.

Advantage: The taste of the food will be perfect by using artificial and natural additive substances.
Disadvantage: Artificial additive gives more risk to our health then using the natural additive.
Depressant: The state of feelings such as anger, sadness, and depression.
Stimulant: Are drugs that increase the level of alertness in the short span.
Hallucinogen: Is type of drug that gives effects of hallucinations and feelings
Physically: Lost weight drastically
Emotionally: Emotions are unstable
Behaviorally: Being loner
Alkylphenols: Are chemicals used for detergents and other cleaning products. Can caused
Perfluorooactanoic Acid: Stain guards on clothing. Can caused breast cancer
Tetrachloroethylene: Is a common dry cleaning chemical. It
can caused skin irritation and breast cancer.
Chemicals present in paint include
titanium dioxide, alkyds, acrylics, and vinyl acetate.
Other components include water used
as a solvent and other additives added to
achieve desired effects.
Ammonia: A common household cleaner
Arsenic: Used in rat poison. Can cause cancer and damaging the heart
and blood vessels.
Acetic Acid: An ingredient in hair dye can caused skin burns
Hexamine: Found in barbecue lighter fluid
Nicotine: Used as insecticide
Butane:–Used in lighter fluid
Toluene: Used to manufacture paint
Methanol: A main component in rocket fuel
Carbon Monoxide:–Released in car exhaust fumes can reducing oxygen delivery to body's organ.

Cussons baby
Clindamycin Phosphate
Not to take the drug at all use the medical care from the doctor. Do treatment for the drug addicts.
Drug has addictive substances that could make the person hard to prevent it.
Not all Psychotropic are dangerous. Some people may benefit from taking psychotropic medication, which is determined on a case by case basis.
The dangerous are the drugs that could make people addicted to it.
Most of chemicals can caused cancer and gives bad effect to our body especially chemicals that are hazard.

To prevent it, we have to look at the label of a product and follow the suggestion. Make sure to get supervision of an adults.
By: Nani
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