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Patriot's Pavilion

No description

Yitong Liu

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Patriot's Pavilion

Identify Stakeholders
Bronzeville Data
Program of Study Document
What Needs To Be Done
Objective is building a Patriots' Pavilion in honor African-American veterans living in Bronzeville Community.
Enhancing opportunities for more community outdoor recreations in Bronzeville
Strengthen Bronzevilles' economy through tourism by creating an economic outlet
Project Planning
Identify veterans and time span
Identify location/site
Statistics & Story
Goal-Make a compelling case before decision makers and stakeholders.

Stephen Daniel
Shreeyeh Rajan
Oluseyi Akinlolu
Yanfeng Wang
Yitong Liu
Christiana Tovar
Identify mission scope
Research as Delivered
Site Visitation
Assign tasks to the team
Unified Visual Communication
1. Stakeholder Interaction.
2. Identified Issue.
3. Solutions.
4. Getting an Alternative site.
Alternative site is
city owned vacant lot at the Southwest corner of 47th & King Drive, Chicago, IL
The first difficulties is in terms of getting more knowledge about the project in the Bronzeville area.
5. Research
How to combine the researches we have done?
How to transport our researches to the next group?
Any Questions?

Phase I
have a general idea of what our goals are

Phase II
Researched & Developed Narratives-
History of Bronzeville
Bird Migration in Bronzeville area
History of the Great Migration in Bronzeville area and Chicago area
Patriots living in Bronzeville area
History of the Eighth Regiment Armory
History of Archdiocese.

Phase III-
Stakeholders Chart
Pedestrian Access

Getting full support of all stakeholders
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