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What is Yale STEAM?

Yale STEAM is a new chapter of STEAM, a larger academic ideology that sees the arts (yes, all of them, e.g. design, literature, theater...) as an inseparable yet uninvestigated facet of the STEM fields.

Chanthia Ma

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of What is Yale STEAM?

STEAM is new a student run organization at Yale interested in developing interdisciplinary collaboration between the arts and sciences

Opportunity for Leadership
Any Yale student may propose a project idea!

If accepted, the student joins the board of project leaders to develop and take initiative in hosting the event.

Exploring Facilities
YUAG, CEID, the Peabody Museum, Yale Center for British Art, and Beinecke Library.

Integrating the STEM and arts
Increase Campus Awareness
foster campus wide interest and appreciation of the intersection between

Sharing Ideas & Skills
Learn better art skills to...
sketch up blueprints for 3D printed prosthetics
draw human anatomy and physiological systems
develop a more observant eye for detail
apply your creativity to various media, from scientific research to artistic analysis
Hosting Events
workshops, speaker forums, discussions, gallery tours, and sketching sessions
CEID Workshops
Art Gallery Events
Our Purpose
Our Goals
Event Proposals
What is Yale STEAM?
Tour of Peabody Museum Storage Spaces
(science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)

(fine arts, performing arts, digital design, humanities...)
Image courtesy of Yale News
Image courtesy of Woman Sense
Image courtesy of Yale Resonance
Discuss the similarities between:
painting and surgery
ballet and physics
architecture and programming
design and engineering
Sketching Sessions, Gallery Tours, Workshops, Studios ...
Learning about:
turning art into engineering
physics into design
Working with:
3D printing
metal & plastics work
and more!
Image Courtesy of RISD STEAM
to make these events
and projects possible!
Here's How to Get Involved as a
Help out with our upcoming events
Propose your own event
Here's How to Get Involved as a part of the

Come to our weekly admin team meetings
Tell us about why you want to help manage Yale STEAM
Let us know about what you'd like to see from
Yale STEAM in the future!
Email me at

with any questions or suggestions

Check out our fb page to see photos from our most recent events:
A project from RISD STEAM's "Useless Machines" workshop.
RISD students scan nature objects at the Nature Lab
Brown/RISD STEAM students explain a shift in their plan from trumpet to bagpipe
MIT and RISD students present their work at the Human + Computer workshop
past events
participants at Design of Living Things
Image Courtesy of Brown STEAM
Image Courtesy of Brown STEAM
Image Courtesy of
Image Courtesy of Brown STEAM
Image Courtesy of RISD STEAM
Image Courtesy of Brown STEAM
Image Courtesy of Brown STEAM
Image Courtesy of Brown STEAM
Image Courtesy of Brown STEAM
Image Courtesy of RISD STEAM
Image Courtesy of RISD STEAM
events so far
Other events
Yummy Gummy Lego Making with Yale STEAM and YaleMakes

Reading Period Music Therapy Study Break: Group Relaxation with Guest Therapist
Image Courtesy of Yale STEAM
Image Courtesy of Yale STEAM
Image Courtesy of Yale STEAM
Future Events
Design of Living Things

Art, Design, Innovation
STEAM Pavilion


Talks & Tours
Hands-on workshops at the Peabody, Marsh Gardens
3D design SolidWorks workshop
Product design workshop
Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator beginner’s workshop

Building of a pavilion/igloo
on cross campus
Collaborating with School of Architecture
Utilizing various spaces around Yale:
Art galleries, Peabody, Medical School (Cushing Center), and more
Build a team and compete
to make the most
innovative design/model
Talks by professors at nearby universities
Tours of facilities at West Campus
Sketching Sessions

Image Courtesy of Michael Anderson,
Yale Peabody Musuem of Natural History Preparator
Image Courtesy of Yale STEAM
Images Courtesy of MIT STEAM
Images Courtesy of MIT STEAM
Image Courtesy of Brown STEAM
Images Courtesy of the Cushing Center at Yale's Sterling Hall of Medicine
Image Courtesy of Yale STEAM
Image Courtesy of YHACK
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