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Texas Western 1966

How starting five black players in 1966 changed the face of sports as we know it.

Shara Marbry

on 13 December 2010

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Transcript of Texas Western 1966

Texas Western 1966 March 19, 1966 Who: Western Texas vs. Kentucky
What: NCAA Championship Basketball Games
Where: Maryland’s Cole Field House
When: March 19, 1966
Why: To prove African-American’s can competein basketball
More than basketball The crowd was white
The NCAA referees were white
All the cheerleaders were white
A majority of the press was white
Confederate flags were flying in the crowd
Kentucky’s complete team was white
**All five of the Western Texas starters were African-American
History 1966- American culture and sport myths insisted at least one white starter was necessary for success
It was said games would dissolve into chaos unless there was a steady hand of a white member involved
Many believed there was a certain style played by African-Americans that was “native instinct” that would proceed to get out of control without a white person Politics The Times ...1966 US President: Lyndon B JohnsonUS Vice President: Hubert HumphreyLyndon Johnson commits to staying in vietnam.Indira Ghandi is elected prime minister of India.Pakistan and India agree to peace. Around the World In America The 1967 Detroit riot Watts Los Angeles Riots Cassius Clay (Muhammed Ali) Beats Henry Cooper Introduction of the slogan “black power” Affirmative action in the US began as a tool to address the persisting inequalities for African Americans in the 1960s. In Basketball At Texas Western 1963 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament Clem Haskins and Dwight Smith became the first black athletes to integrate the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Loyola started four African-Americans and Cincinnati started three In 1955, Texas Western was the first state college in Texas to integrate its undergraduate classes. Became the first in the University of Texas System to hire a black administrator. Why this is important... Proving Myths Wrong Many thought an all African-American line up would lack intelligence
The team was very disciplined and ran play after play
After college:
Western Texas graduated four of their seven African-Americans on time, while the other three had one semester to goKentucky’s four of their five white starters from that game never graduated Media Opened Door Majority of the media covering the event was white.
“They can do everything with the basketball but sign it."
"The running, gunning Texas quintet can do more things with a basketball than a monkey on a 50-foot jungle wire."
Wasn't carried by a major network Was televised only on a tape-delayed basis Although it was not covered then... it is now That win accelerated the advancement of black athletes in the South
Before that night, at Northern colleges, the unwritten rule for coaches had been, “2 blacks at home, 3 on the road and 4 when behind”
College teams throughout the South aggressively began recruiting black athletes as reserves as well as starters and offering scholarships
All-white leagues like the ACC, SWC and SEC became integrated within the next two years. 1970 Illinois state hired Will Robinson, 1st Black head coach of a major college basketball program.
Mid 70’s NBA shift from predominantly white to predominantly black took place. 1984 John Thompson Jr. became first African-American head coach to win the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship Earvin Johnson would
have never become Magic. There would be no Michael Jordan No Fab 5 Recruited To The University Of Michigan NCAA Approx. 70% of Division I college basketball players are black.
NCAA 17% Black Division 1 Basketball CoachesACC only major conference with a majority of black men head coaches, with 7 of the 12NBA 40% black coaches, the highest in all pro sportsNBA 80% of players are black. SO WHAT?? SO WHAT? Black athletes to combat the obstacles in obtaining positions in the coaching, managing, and executive ranks of professional sports as well as in college and university ranks.
Under public policies minorities will have the opportunity to be increasingly represented in the managerial ranks.
These obstacles are not reduced by the number of Black athletes who graduate with marginal skills, who do not graduate at all, or who don not play successfully in the professional leagues. "I was simply playing the best players I had. It was what I had done all year," Don Haskins Now Generation Stars of Allen Iverson,, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard and Shaquille O'Neal are paying homage to the pioneers who integrated their sport.
HS to the Pros: Kobe Bryant, LeBron James
An index of the changing status of Black athletes is their income at the professional level.
Expanding the group of African American athletes that receive additional income far in excess of their salaries for endorsing products
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