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Paris and more :B

Vishruti & Sasha

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Paris

By Sasha and Vishruti
Small facts about Paris
Paris is the capital of France
Paris makes up 19% of France's population
The population of Paris is around 2,200,000
The main language currently in Paris is French
Center of artistic achievements
Has Celtic, Roman, Scandinavian, and English influences (Scandinavia is four countries in Europe: Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finnland)
In 1889, this was the highest building on Earth. Then, the Chrysler got ahead by 18 meters.
Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel tower is rebuilt (smaller) in many different places: Las Vegas (U.S), Chinese and Gaunchzhou Shenzhen, Romanian Slobozia, Copenhagen (Denmark), Varna (Bulgaria), Aktau (Kazakhstan) and other cities.
The original idea for how the structure of the Eiffel tower should look was by Gustave Eiffel,
The Eiffel tower has around 6.5 million visitors annually.
Story of the Stolen Mona Lisa
On August 21st, 1911
60 detectives and 100 policemen rushed to the Louvre when they figured the Mona Lisa was missing (the Mona Lisa is in the Louvre. It was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The priceless work of art took three years to paint).
A person (more of a theif) called Vincenzo Perugia stole the Mona Lisa
He hid it under his smock
He hid it for two years, and took it to an art dealer in Florence, Italy (the city where the Mona Lisa was painted).
The art dealer immediately got suspicious and called the cops
Thanks to the art dealer, till today the Mona Lisa is admired at the Louvre.
Annualy, 8,000,000 people go to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa.
Pain au Chocolat
A pastry with a filling of pieces of chocolate eaten at breakfast
Chausson aux Pommes
A pastry folded in half and baked with a filling akin to apple sauce eaten at breakfast
Famous foods to eat for breakfast or lunch/dinner in Paris
The Louvre

At 81 stories tall, it was originally built to welcome people in the 1889 World's Fair

Several thought it was an eyesore, but now it is a famous landmark
Quiz Time!
How many people live in Paris and what percent of France does
it make up?
a) 100,ooo, 16%
b) 200,200, 23%
c) 2,200,000, 19%
d) 1,560,000, 11%
Answer: c)
The population in Paris is
2,200,000 and it makes up
19% of France's population
When did the Mona Lisa get stolen and for how long was it missing?
a) August 21, 1911 and for 2 years
b) August 12, 1921 and for 1 year
c) September 14, 1911, and for 2 years
d) April 21, 1911, and for 2 years
Answer: a)
The Mona Lisa was stolen on August 21, 1911, by a man named Vincenzo Perugia, who sneaked in while the guard was outside smoking a cigarette. He grabbed it off the wall and walked away. He was caught after hiding it for two years by an art dealer he tried to sell the Mona Lisa to. Today we have better security. For instance, thick glass walls and video cameras protecting the painting.
In French, "I like Paris" is:
J'aime Paris
And now....
Four important
features of Paris...
Arc de Triomphe
built between 1806 and 1836
Translates to 'Triumphant Arc' in English
Ordered to be built by Napoleon
Tribute for French army
There was a gap of time when Napoleon died and no one worked on the arch from 1814-1823
in Paris

Girls usually wear dresses

Common clothing colors are:

Wear Scarves
Little make-up
No shorts if you are over 20
Location of France
2013 National Geographic Kids Almanac
Google Search/Images
Notre Dame Cathedral
Over 2,000 years old
Gauls of the Parisii tribe settled in Paris between 250 and 200 BCE
Known as Lutetia or Lutece
Conquered by Julius Caesar in 52 BCE
In 987 CE Hugh Capet became king of France
Paris played an important role in the revolution
During World War 1 Germans couldn't enter Paris
However, during World War 2 Germans occupied the city
After this, Paris started developing its beauty and color when many amazing architectural achievements occurred in the area.
The reason we chose Paris as our 'favorite city' for this project is:

In the beginning of this project, we didn't have a specific intention for choosing Paris. In the beginning, we chose Paris because of how famous it was and how many people wanted to choose it. As we both started researching more and more about Paris, our jaws just widened looking at the phenomenal pictures of the wonderful buildings.
Vishruti's experience: Recently, I went to Las Vegas. As we entered the small duplicate of Paris, we went into the elevator. Each floor was labeled as one of the tourist spots in Paris, and I jumped in excitement noticing how the stories of the building were labeled after the Louvre, Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame. Then only I noticed how I never knew just some simple places that many people go to. I relized that though I knew Paris was a famous city, there were many thoughts that needed to be emended in my mind. Paris is not just a city full of lights; the Eiffel tower is not the only attraction at Paris; and English is not the main language is Paris. Then only I relished the fact we chose Paris and I hope to research more and more about this great place.
Sasha's experience: I went to Paris when I was little. I got to see the Eiffel Tower and many other sights included in this presentation.
What does Arc de Triomphe translate to?

a) Arc with trumpets
b) Triumphant Arch
c) Triumphant building
d) Trumpet filled building
Answer B; Triumphant arch

Arc de Triomphe is the French term for Triumphant
What is Chaussan Aux pommes, and is it a breakfast, or lunch/dinner item?

a) A pastry folded in half and baked with a filling akin to apple sauce; breakfast
b) A slow-cooked beef stew with an enormous quantity of Burgundy wine poured into the sauce; lunch/dinner
c) A chicken dish where the bird has been cooked in wine; lunch/dinner
d) A pastry with a filling of pieces of chocolate; breakfast
Answer A; A pastry folded in half and baked with a filling akin to apple sauce; breakfast
Which tribe settled in Paris between 25o and 200 BCE?

a) the Paris tribe
b) the Francia Parisia tribe
c) the Beretia Phobia tribe
d) the Gauls of the Parisii tribe
Answer: D; the Gauls of the Parisii tribe

The Gauls of the Parisii tribe settled in Paris between 250 and 200 BCE and founded a fishing village on an island in the river that is now the Ile de la Cité river the place where Paris developed.
The Louvre is one of the main attractions in Paris
This is one of the most visited museums in the world.
Displays 300,000 works
First built in the 16th century
Main architect was Pierre Lescot
Had two courtyards and two stories high
Combines French and Italian features
Between 1853 and 1857, the Louvre was made larger by Visconti and Lefuel
Has a glass pyramid entrance
Thin wheat pancakes that can be served as desserts, appetizers, or the main course of a meal
Construction started on 1163
Height is 226 feet or 69 meters
Opened on 1345
Notre means 'Our' and Dame means 'Lady' so Notre Dame means 'our lady'
French Gothic Architecture
Architects: Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, Peter of Montereau, Jean de Chelles, Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Lassus
French Flag
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