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Group Dynamics

No description

Tamara Jahnke

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Group Dynamics

Group Wiki Presentation
Group Dynamics
Leadership Behaviors
Group Problem Solving
Diversity in a group
What is "real" diversity?
Roles and Positions within a group
Task Roles--------------------------------help move the project
Maintenance Roles--------------------actions of individuals
Hindering Roles------------------------uncooperative
To help keep a group in sync, everyone needs to feel valued and appreciated by his or her fellow group members.
Group Conflict Management
Five Group Conflict Management Styles
What is a group?
Results Focused
Influences others and
Builds relationships
Role modeling
Steve Hoder
Tami Jahnke
Adam Tilley
Tanya Roebuck
Toni Whitson
Aamir Khan
Natalie Verdin
Kim Robinson
* Avoidance
* Accommodation
* Competition
* Compromise
* Collaboration
Group Conflict Management
Group Conflict Management

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