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on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of USA Map

Capitol: Dover
Song: Our Delaware
Capitol: Harrisburg
Song: Pennsylvania

Capitol: Dover
Song: I'm From New Jersey
Capitol: Atlanta
Song: Georgia On My Mind
Capitol: Hartford
Song: Yankee Doodle
Capitol: Boston
Song: Hail Massachusetts

Capitol: Annapolis
Song: Maryland My Maryland
Capitol: Columbia
Song: Carolina

Capitol: Concord
Song: Old New Hampshire

Capitol: Richmond
Song: Carry Me Back to Old Virginia
Capitol: Albany
Song: I Love New York
Capitol: Raleigh
Song: The Old North State
Capitol: Montpelier
Song: Hail, Vermont
Capitol: Frankfort
Song: My Old Kentucky Home
Capitol: Nashville
Song: Tennessee

Capitol: Columbus
Song: Beautiful Ohio
Capitol: Baton Rouge
Song: Give Me Louisiana
Capitol: Indianapolis
Song: On the Banks of Wabash
Capitol:' Jackson
Song: Go Mis- sis- sip- pi
Capitol: Springfield
Song: Illinois

Capitol: Montgomery
Song: Alabama
Capitol: Augusta
Song: State Song of Maine
Capitol: Jefferson City
Song: Missouri Waltz
Capitol: Little Rock
Song: Oh, Arkansas
Capitol: Lansing
Song: Michigan, My Michigan
Capitol: Tallahassee
Song: Swanee River
Capitol: Austin
Song: Texas, Oh Texas
Capitol: Des Moines
Song: The Song of Iowa
Capitol: Madison
Song: On Wisconsin
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