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Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Promotional Plan

Andrew Trepel

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears Organizational History 1920-Decatur Staleys
Founder-George Halas
Wrigley Field-1921 1922
Chicago Bears 1971
Soldier Field Owner
Virginia McCaskey Current Programs State of Team Brand
Monsters of the Midway
Hard-nosed team Product
Hard-Nosed Team
Great Tradition of Players and Coaches Expectations
Optimistic-Put it All Together
Fans are hoping they can make the Postseason and win a Super Bowl Target Market Chicago Area-Northeast Illinois
Males 28-50
Married-Have Children Hard Workers

Work Hard for a Living
Love for Football

Competition Chicago Cubs Chicago WhiteSox Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Bulls Chicago Fire Outside Sports City of Chicago
Navy Pier
Lake Michigan
etc... Climate Factors Tough Economy
Money is Tight
Could be an Escape HD Television
Watch Online Swot Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Rich Tradition
Great City
Loyal Fans
Star Players
Hall of Famers Expensive Tickets
Last Super Bowl was in 85'
Opportunities Could Have a Great Season
Draw in More Fans
Threats Other Pro Teams
Other Things to Do in Chicago Objectives Increase Awareness of the History of Soldier Field by 15% Reinforce the Bears Brand to Customers Increase Frequency of Existing Customers Promotional Pieces "Monsters of the Midway" Throwback Game Ditka Dollars TV Ad About Soldier Field/ Past Players Bears School Outreach Thank You!!! Faces of the Franchise
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