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Niki Lauda

No description

Sioned Edwards

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda
Key Facts
DOB:22nd February 1949
Marrige:Bridget Lauda
He raced for March,BRM,Ferrari,Brabham and Mclaren
Niki Lauda was a great driver
He won 3 world championships
He won in 1975,77 and 84
Niki's Journey
Niki started in a mini.Luckily getting a contract with Formula 3 and Formula 1 team March,he was on his way to being a top driver.
Niki in F1
Niki got to F1 and soon got a deal with Ferrari.Niki won the 75 and 77 season with them despite his terrible crash at Nurburgring in 76.He then retired.It wasn't the last of him because in 1984 he won with Mclaren one last time
Strat out in karting
Move up to Formula Ford
Go to Formula 3
Next to GP2
Get scouted by F1 team
Now your ready.GO!GO!GO!
How to become an F1 driver
I hope you enjoyed it
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