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No description

Ulysses Tapia

on 21 May 2011

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Transcript of AVID NIGHT

Determination You Know Your an AVID student when.......... You consider your AVID teaher one of your best friends You get stoked on new community service opportunites You've Known about California Colleges since 7th grade BUT... You also know you're an AVID student when.. You change the date on a previous set of notes for a binder check Also When... You use PE questions as a tutorial question You play SAT board games You take notes on how to take notes Teachers always use your binder as an example for binder checks You correct your teachers on their notes When you have a bad day it's your avid family that you rely on to turn your day around But despite the minor FEW flaws.. When you finally settle down with a family, the job of your choice; when you have reached your dream, while still dreaming for more, and got through every curve ball life has thrown at you..know that you've gotten that far with AVID supporting you through the whole journey .
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