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Save The Planet

pollution, clean, greenhouse effect, save water, environment.

Marcello Araújo

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Save The Planet

Your Suggestions
Save the Planet
You can use old materials to re-design your house
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
Lets come out with five ideas:
Save what?
Recycle what?
Use what?
Turn off what?
Easy tasks you can do at home
They are economical
You use nature in your favor
Save water
Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth
Walk or ride your bike
This will reduce greenhouses gasses emissions
Change your light bulbs
Replace your light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or LED lights.
CFL and LED lights last 10 times more than common lights
Put your computer to sleep!
Use rechargeable batteries
If you do your part,
you will preserve a balance in any city in the world such as:
Clean Beaches
No air pollution
Preservation of wild life
Recycled materials are a good fashion idea
Many Natural landscapes will be lost in the next decades.

Unless we:
Come up with innovative ideas
Respect the environment
take no showers
The only one
Earth is a unique flower in the cosmos,
lost in fragility and exuberance.
Go to

Watch the clip, answer the questions. If you do this, you will win a prize!
Presentation by
Many thanks to
Sharana Mohammed
Art made of paper
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