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No description

Gabriella S

on 8 February 2015

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Transcript of Medusa

Are you terrified?
Sword- shows she is willing to fight for this.
Mouth of a mountain
Rhetorical question- used to involve and intimidate the reader.
Medusa turns things she makes eye-contact with into stone.
I glanced at a buzzing bee, a dull grey pebble fell to the ground
Medusa Poem-Duffy
A suspicion, a doubt, a jealousy grew in my mind
Shows she lacks confidence and is insecure. Shows the thought itself is growing.
My brides breath soured
'Bride' shows how close her and her lover used to be 'soured' suggests they are no longer.
There are bullet tears in my eyes- lack true emotional substance.
This shows her anger is erupting like a volcano.
Shield for a heart- shows her husband never really did love her.
Your girls, your girls
Shows Medusa is jealous, doesn't feel valued.
She is old and lost.
Wasn't I beautiful, wasn't I fragrant and young?
In mythology Medusa was once the prettiest. She is also reassuring herself, that she used to be content with who she was.
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