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Asian Studies

Yang Chuo 8th grade China Trips!

Eric Lund

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Asian Studies

Yang Shuo China Trip Cultural Aspects Historical Aspects Geographical Aspects Old Fan Lady making a fan The Tea Plantation We learned how to pick the tea and identify it.
Then we learned how to gracefully drink the tea. Dancing Minorities Good Fun in Cooking Class Visiting a Water Cave Old Fisherman with Bird The bamboo Reed Flute Cave The Rice Patties near rock climbing rock Soren The Emperor We learned how to cook local dishes at Cloud 9.
We cooked a delicious meal, which we then ate.
The dishes were traditional Chinese dishes. We took a boat around the village and saw four different tribes doing their "daily routines". We designed and made our own fans.
It was really fun, because they looked really good. This shows how the cultures blend.
Soren dressed in traditional chinese clothes. We watched traditional cormorant fishing. We watched them catch fish under water, and come back to their owner. Beautiful Guilin Mountains The mountains were very beautiful
and it was cool to see what the landmark of Guilin. The reed flute cave is one of the most famous in the whole province. This amazing cave is the result of thousands of years of erosion. The beautiful rice patties are yet another phenomenal landscape of the province. They are known worldwide, and represent the South of China. They are carved by hand. We took a boat into a mysterious cave. We got off and walked around, seeing many stalictites and stalicitmites. We also experienced total darkness and quiet, as well as one of the many caves from China. Hello Mr. Lindstrom
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