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Rhiannon Cox

on 15 November 2013

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By Rhiannon Cox
Textual Analysis

Textual Analysis
All music videos have their own
specific style or genre- this helps single out the artist of the song and make them look unique and interesting - their video reflects on them. There are 7 different catorgries in the styles of music videos:
Something that looks
like something else. It
allows the audience to
interpret their own meaning
to the video.
Narrative is when the music video tells a story. This style is popular as it engages and enhances the audience. They can follow the story of often relate to the video. E.g break ups, death in family ect.
Parody is a spoof or mock of someone elses original work. Often done in a humourous or ironic way.
Surreal Music videos are often abstract or different to your average music video. Sometimes they don't have any relation to the song itself. They are often seen by the audience as a dream, fantasy or vision.
Performance music videos are
videos which show the artist singing or
sometimes live performing. This can be done along side a narrative or just on its own. It can be done to show the audience what their like live, used as advertising or just as a visual
Pastiche is when knowledge in a specific area
is used to copy or simulate another artistic genre.
Impressionist music videos are when art is shown through the video. There is no obvious narrative, its up to the audience to watch the video to find out and see what they get from the video.
Music videos use a range of techniques as well as styles. This will help the artist or artists to help promote their videos and to make them more interesting for the audience. It also helps reflect the kind of artist that they are. These can include such techniques as...
Special effects or illusions known as SFX are often used in music videos, to make the video a lot more interesting. These are often used to make it look more real, or surreal in some cases. E.g imagined events, virtual worlds, explosions ect.
Lighting can be used to set the scene or mood of the music video. It comes in two types- Low key and High key. Low key is a dark lighting, which can be used in horrors, sad videos ect. High key is often used in videos which are meant to come across as happy or cheerful.
Cutting to the beat is a technique used in music videos as it helps pace the music and make it more interesting. It also helps the audience get the feeling of the song.
Lip syncing is used as a technique, which a lot of artists/ performers use in their videos. This is because its easier to edit this in than be in time with backing track. It needs to look realistic. However some artists use this technique as a style- simple, exaggerated,
restrained ect.
Lyric interpretation is used so the audience can interpret what they want or feel from the video. This can either be easily seen or harder depending on the videos. It is often used as a convention so the audience can put across something.
Extension or consolidation of song’s meaning is when you have to watch the video to find out the songs meaning, otherwise it isnt obvious enough for the audience to realise. This is a good way of advertising the artists themselves.
In the video i made for the song 'Arcade Fire- Suburban War i used many different techniques and conventions, as well as sticking to a style- although i used clips of YouTube to do this.

I followed a narrative style throughout the video which is obvious to the reader. I based the video on a story about a man, who'd gone to war and left his friends behind- in the war as well as back in the city before he went. I did this by using lyric interpretation at first. I listened to the song and analyzed it. I thought about what lyrics meant or could mean and come up with a narrative to use for my video.

Throughout the video i've stuck to very low key lighting, as the video and story is quite sad and the lighting reflects the mood well.
For the lip syncing activity we worked in groups to make a video to the song 'One Thing' by One Direction. We filmed ourselves and people around our college lip singing to the song and then edited it in on Adobe Premiere.

We over exaggerated it to make it look fun and interesting for the audience and to reflect on the song itself- as its a fun and cheerful song. We also reflected this through high key lighting, using a lot of colour and light backgrounds.

We used the style parody through this video, as it was almost done as a mock of One Direction through over exaggerating and looking at their videos.

In the video, I have tried to cut on the beat to make the video more exciting to watch and pacey. Also, I have tried to use a range of different shot throughout and edited it so lots of clips go together.
Conventions is the way in which something is done within a particular area or activity. It's behavior of something. This is done through constructing meaning in media texts. This is divided into two different categories...

The music video has many different conventions, styles and techniques.

The video includes the styles- narrative and performance. The video shows a narrative throughout the song about a girl who's in a violent relationship. Performance is also shown in the video of the band themselves (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) This is been done as a way of advertising themselves to their audience and fans as well as adding to the narrative as if the lead singer himself is trying to help her escape or save her.

Techniques such as Special FX's are used to make the video look more surreal. For instance, effects have been used to look like objects are being smashed ect. This helps tell the narrative, make it look more surreal as well as reflecting on the band themselves, as their genre varies around rock (alternative rock, punk rock, metal, screamo ect) Lighting has also been used to set the mood of the video, as its got a quite depressing and shallow narrative- Low key lighting reflects/ shows this as it helps show that its quite a sad, sull situation rather than a happy one.

Mise en scene has been used in the video- as everything in the frame helps tell the narrative. For instance, bruices, things smashing, a cramped locked up enviornment ect. It all helps show that she cant escape from the situation that shes in.

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