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Gamesbase learning conference

2010 conference notes

Sharyn Kilgour-Lloyd

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Gamesbase learning conference

Gamesbased learning conference Games design By learning the basic principles of programing language or control technology, I can design in solution to a scenario, implement it and evaluate its success. Software Hybrid Learners Creation of media assets Story line characters Music Develop instructions to solve problems 2 dimensional Simple to Advanced Create a character Grumpy Happy Ready to retire bubbly import images Export sprites Blog and share import shared sprite Scripting movement 3Dimensional 1) Meaningful technology
2) Entirely icon based, visual
3) Pages/Rules/Conditions/Actions

Teacher can apply their educational pedagogy.

Can't create own character can only modify
What to look for in a game Justifying the tools Challenge Demand Appeal Opportunities to have teachers apply their pedagogy purpose ownership agency relevance Casual gaming tipbits Why Games? Playful learning Interest/ engagement with technology Appropritate, Affordable, Accessible competitive Spore Contextual hub Moral issues Computer game used to support rich context of subject look at things differently Worldwide telescope Bing hidden interactive messages Wii data for maths common language learning from games Creating content scrabble - evovled - seek n spell (iphone) Story stage office ribbon

instant feedback
complex task
change variables
teaching about games blurred boundaries between reality and fantasy furture-invizimals Clothing augmented reality Barriers Inappropriate use of games
children will misuse the technology
motivation Quick Flight control Sneeze Funny Winzella Privates Social Farmville Tate Trump competitive Vector city racers 1066 Topical Tiger Woods outrun Cover girl Cheap Warlords lavish
Plant vs Zombies Female friendly Diner dash Soft control scheme, playing session assumptions Ada experimental Empowering Failure builds to success Risk taking Stronger players can carry risk takers problem solving Create Hive minds Augmented type games Use emails, networks, utube, blogs, twitter, flickr etc Build puzzels, games etc Through scoring indivdual and team points have portal pages to give info rich authentic experience problem solving engagement and motivation crazy talk wallwisher Uru live wordle cyan worlds Channel 4 www.smokescreengame.com Games & TV blend Catch a killer Tv shows Science scam TV and Tools Battlefront Bow Road runner Games 1066 Roots Sneeze Lesson 1: Games - major engagement Lesson 2: entertainers life to teach Lesson 3: TV good for human stories Lesson 4: Innovation vs familiarity Lesson 5: Plenty of room for more
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