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Introducing, Becky Perkins...

The history behind the legend...

Becky Perkins

on 20 July 2011

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Transcript of Introducing, Becky Perkins...

Becky Perkins 5th Grade Reading Teacher Edward Sadler Jr. Elementary Becky has been a teacher for six years.
1st grade - two years
4th grade - three years
5th grade - one year Becky attended Savannah College of Art and Design from 1991-1995. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts (painting) degree. Becky earned her Master's of Arts degree in education from the University of Phoenix in 2005. "Other Professional Experience" Don't get me wrong, I was always very good at what I did. And, each job provided me with the opportunities to learn and apply new uses of technology. BUT... for a landscape painter, sitting in a cubicle from 9-5 Monday through Friday was draining and depressing. Do you know how difficult it is to support a family when attempting to be a starving artist? Hence... "Cubicle Depression" changes my course... More about me... I still enjoy painting... For my anniversary every year, I go trick-or-treating... I have three kids... I like to run and I have been coaching Girls on the Run at my school for three years. Technology in my classroom... SMART Board Read Alouds with eBooks Novel Studies I use my SMART Board everyday. I have turned every story in our basal text into an interactive SMART Board file including audio versions of the text. I read aloud to my students everyday. If individual books are not available for each student to follow along with, an eBook is projected on the SMART Board using Adobe Digital Editions and students follow along as I read. I use mp3 players with a Belken splitter for Literature Circles. Students listen together to an audiobook while following along with a paper copy of the text. Students then use a flip video camera to record their group discussions of the assigned reading. The group will eventually rotate to me, where they will read a portion of the assigned material. Students use the recorded material to create a class summary of the assigned text. Mya Corbin Zoe Proposal
By Becky Perkins

We hadn’t been talking about it. I don’t know why he chose then or there. Hands gripped the steering wheel, concentrating on the straight road. Nonchalantly he said, “We could get married.” It was almost a question. “I’d make more money.”
He cautiously glanced toward me.

I smiled, “OK.” but, I am more often a photographer ... The End... and a teacher. (a mini-saga) (right click - back to start)
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