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Value Stream

Short presentation on the Value Stream Mapping process.

Brian Suyat

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of Value Stream

What is a Value Stream?
Value Stream Map
What impedes Flow?
The Value Stream
People can see the process.
People can interact with the process
Waste is visible
People can agree on the focus areas
Why Make Value Stream Visual?
A Brief Roadmap for Change
A Value Stream includes the process or steps to deliver goods or services to the customer.
The process is usually viewed from the inputs > processing . outputs.
Any feature that the customer is willing to pay for.
High Quality Standard
Options, Customization
Features, services, or extraneous tasks that the customer is not willing to pay for.
Defects, Scrap, Waste
A Value Stream Map visually represents what is going on.
Walk the Value Stream
Note Inputs and Outputs
Identify Suppliers and Customers
Map the Process Visually
Include Values of Inputs and Outputs
Calculate Customer Needs
A "problem" is anything that impedes flow.
It is the gap between what we ARE doing and what we SHOULD be doing.
Look for Problems
Are we doing the Work?
Are we doing the Work Correctly?
Are we getting the Desired Results?
How is the Work Done?
Waiting, Delay
Extra Touches
Decisions and Approvals
Make Production flow like a mountain stream
Focus on one problem.
Determine targets.
Relentlessly drive change until you achieve Desired Results.
Processing can be Value-Added or Non-Value-Added
Tire Rotaton
Test Drive
Oil Change
20 minutes
20 minutes
20 minutes
10 minutes
10 minutes
40 minutes
40 minutes
80 minutes
From a customer perspective, we only want to pay for the time that puts value into our vehicles.
Auto Shop
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