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Data Visualization Summit - April 11, 2013

No description

Andy Kriebel

on 28 June 2015

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Transcript of Data Visualization Summit - April 11, 2013

How in the world did I end up at Facebook? And why do they care about data viz anyway? Interesting facts about Facebook 325 million
Photos uploaded
per day 140 billion
Friend connections 4.5 billion
Likes per day 1.1 billion
Monthly Active Users Tableau Zen Masters Andy Kriebel VizWiz.blogspot.com My Family About me Questions? Feel free to contact me Andy Kriebel Next steps Advanced data viz training
Storytelling with data
Use the best tool for the job
More self-sufficient community My data viz journey andyk@fb.com
@VizWizBI Collaborating for value A new era of winning Customer and Coca-Cola plans can get out of alignment
1. How can Coca-Cola support the customer’s sales objective of 10% growth?
Customer’s plan is for 10% growth, while Coke’s is lower for this customer
How do we close this gap?

2. Is the customer competitive at retail?

3. Coke needs to be an unbiased and holistic advisor Spreading the gospel One evangelist at a time Our problem is not a lack of data,
it’s our inability to make sense of what we have. Stephen Few - Now You See It: Tableau 2008 Users Conference “We expect everyone at Facebook to be good at finding the biggest problems to work on.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg: Letter to Investors Information Knowledge Wisdom We provide a platform where we
are all analysts The BI team is no longer a
roadblock We've created a comprehensive program Hands-on
training Hackathons Contests Consultation Facebook Groups We’re committed to empowering people Data visualization - 200+ people have a good grasp of the fundamentals

Tableau - We now have more than 500
analysts The growth has been phenomenal How can we support so many people? Our team Data Visualization Tableau Architecture Examples of what we teach Awesomeness And we teach them to hack Two degrees of separation - My Facebook friends Data Visualization Guru - Facebook
@VizWizBI I need a dashboard A love story My first Tableau dashboard The benefits were immediate We identified problems we never knew existed We were able to hold teams more accountable Data visualization best practices Methods for communicating effectively with data What they learn Basics of visual perception
Forms of preattentive processing
Gestalt principles
Lots of examples of how to apply these 16 common chart types And when to use them We're hiring! Lessons learned Hire the best & brightest
Find champions for your cause
Listen, discuss, read, write, learn
Be bold
Be open / Build trust My inspiration comes from many places Authors - Cairo, Few, Kirk
Reading list - http://bit.ly/DataVizBlogs
Facebook page - http://facebook.com/vizwiz Data Visualization Summit - April 11, 2013 Telling stories with data can create a significant
competitive advantage Presentation available at http://bit.ly/DataVizSummit
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