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Gliding on skates

No description

lis lab3

on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Gliding on skates

Gliding on skates
By Leena Chang
Roller Skating
Skating first started in the 1700's by a guy named John Joseph Merlin. He was at a party and wanted to try his invention, But it did not go well he crashed seconds after getting on and bruised a lot of his body. This did not stop him however he inproved it to the things we see today.
Skating is a very enjoyable sport these days!!!
These days celebreties are lacing up to get out onto the rink. It is a very good sport to put into their music videos and movies too!!!
Roller skating is very enjoyible and many people love it.
Roller skating is basically wheels stuck on the soles of your shoes.
Roller skates
if necessary equitment
knee pads
elbo pads
Thanks for Watching
Theres also Ice Skating
to me it seems more graceful
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