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Nikki Cahillane

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Outline for today
Choosing Subjects

“Big enough to challenge, small enough to care”

Fullbrook 6 Induction

Information sharing – F6 info and post 16 education
Independent Learning
Student Leadership Team challenge
Expeditions presentation
Choosing subjects to study
Student led subject information sharing

9am-12.30pm in the main hall with external speaker Dave Keeling
Weather dependent BBQ in sixth form garden – Student Leadership Team in charge……

Outline for tomorrow

New for September 2013

4 AS Levels
(or 3/5)

One BTEC and 2AS

Take two BTECs

Pre-A Level

Curriculum pathways

F6 Pastoral Information
The team

13 Tutor groups
Vertical (mixing Year 12
and 13 together)
Faculty/subject based
Fantastic, caring tutors
Student Leadership Team
Pastoral Manager
Higher Education Co-ordinator
Director and Assistant Director of Sixth Form

Inner Drive workshop
Environment For Learning
Garden and landscaping
Upgrade to a Cafe in the Common Room
Study habits support policy
Tutor registration process
6 day timetable - hour long lessons
Student Leadership Team
Trips and visits
Social events
Sports Teams
Safe Drive, Stay Alive
Charity events and fund raising
Young Enterprise
Cultural visits
World Challenge
Duke of Edinburgh Award
Post GCSE Results
22 August and 23 August are post GCSE results interviews
Day and Interviewer attached to results slips
Assigned staff based on initial subject choices
If not here can email to arrange another time for interview
Opportunity to discuss subjects and check entry grades
Don't worry if you don't meet the entry criteria or have changed your mind about subjects - we will discuss options with you
Start of term
Enrollment 3 September - letters sent home to you with timings for this
4 September Inner Drive Workshop
5 September 9.30am tutor time
Lessons commence P4 (TBC)
Settling in period

Following this timetable:
2 lessons
2 lessons
1 lesson
Tutor time

AM Registration 8.40-9.00am
PM Registration 3.00-3.10pm
5 September tutor groupings and rooms will be up in Sixth Form foyer - get to F6 earlier to check for 9.30am start
Yr 12 register every morning for the first cycle to check timetables and make contact with tutors

F6 Tutors 2013-14
Mr Burge and Miss Ayre
Mrs Chapman
Mr McCafferty
Mr White
Mr Glazier
Mrs Swann
Miss Terry
Miss Taylor
Dr Smallwood
Mr Jones and Miss Pike
Miss Shallow
Miss Drama
OFSTED April 2013
"Students’ progress in the sixth form is good. They leave school with above average grades, all going on to education or training of their choice, many to popular universities."

"Sixth form students in particular remarked upon their teachers’ commitment to them, always making themselves available to re-explain ideas students find difficult, ensuring that they have a good understanding of the work and relevant examination specification requirements."

"Extremely positive sixth form student attitudes as well as effective teaching enable this success."

"Staff are enthusiastic about students achieving academic success in their subjects so they often challenge and motivate them well, maintaining a good pace to learning."

How will post 16 lessons be different?
Smaller classes
Some in the sixth form block
Double lessons
Still a formal process but working relationships are more relaxed
Engagement and contribution
Use of homework in lessons
Frequency of assessment
Quantity of information

For each subject, with each teacher homework will be set
Each piece will take more time than GCSE
Homework very important part of the learning cycle at post 16
Large volume of feedback both written and verbal
Consequences policy to support homework management
What is independent learning?
It is not about being on your own
Harry Holec (1981): “Taking responsibility for your own learning”
14 babysitting
Choices and decisions
Developing organisation and management skills
Being brave

New Government Led changes
Citizenship for 30 mins every Thursday
Every Thursday, no matter what day of the cycle, will be extended tutor time to deliver the tutor programme
One day of the cycle will be assembly 8.40am - 9am all attend this will be the same day of the 6 day cycle
4 morning slots and 6 afternoon slots for 1 to 1 tutor meetings
Tutors will organise these with Yr 12 and Yr 13 on an individual needs basis
F6 Tutor Process
No January exams from January 2014
All modular exams sat in the Summer
This means just 2 exam sessions rather than 4
Less opportunity for retaking exams
Why F6?
100% pass rate at A2 for 4 years! 5th consecutive year expected
Increase in A*-B - contrary to national average
Above average Success Rates and Retention Factors
All students going on to University, Apprenticeships or Education
38% Offered one or more Russell Group
Track record of Oxbridge Success
Unbiased support of you as the individual
Community of students who support each other
Common Room
2 Study Rooms with laptops
Constant investment in improving facilities
Past students who want to come back
A bespoke experience!
If you have a career path in mind then check if certain subjects are important or needed
Most careers will not besubject specific
Choose subjects you enjoy
Not based on teacher
Balance of skills
Complimentary subjects
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