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Copy of MSL Test Training

No description

Michele Shepherd

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of MSL Test Training

MSL & EOC Test Training Spring 2013
The testing journey
(I hope you have a good pair of shoes on!)... MSL Training Finishline... *All academic courses, except: Discrete Math, EOC courses, NCVPS, AP, Extend 1, credit recovery, foundational courses and medical exemptions

*Results used in the teacher evaluation process

*Measure what students know & are able
to do after completing course *No one is giving their own exam = NO PROCTORS
*YES = Makeups, NO=Retests
*90 minutes + 8-10 minutes for instructions
-2 minutes break after 45 minutes (no leaving)
*Alternate assessments not available
*Paper/Pencil assessment
*An announcement will be made to begin testing
*Will need a timing device MSL Test Administrators MSL Answer Sheets Graphing Calculators: Algebra 2, Integrated 3, Adv. Functions & Modeling, CC Math 2, and Pre-Calculus

Scientific Calculators: Geometry, Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics, and Earth Science

Graph Paper: all math exams

Formula Sheets: Pre-Calculus and Adv. Functions & Modeling

Reference Tables: Physics, Chemistry, and Physical Science MSL Materials: *Report irregularities & misadministrations
*Maintain confidentiality of scores
*Sign off on TEST ADMINISTRATOR sheet & be sure you've signed the testing code of ethics *ELA = 30 questions
*ELA: score #30 in 40 slot (scored on scale 1-4) *separate sheets for constructed responses MSL Training * Test security
-do not disclose test content or discuss specific test questions
-Tests CANNOT be reproduced
-Excerpts from tests cannot be used in anyway until common exams are released by DPI - TEACHERS WILL GET BOOKLETS BACK AFTER TESTING
-Read directions as written

*Testing Environment
-Room = quiet, orderly, and comfortable
-Students arranged to discourage sharing of responses

-Students should use restroom prior to testing
-if student has to leave during testing, document time gone and be sure to give time back to student
-If possible, one student out of room at a time MSL Scoring Procedures:
1. Teacher of record (Scorer 1) & teacher familiar w/ content area (Scorer 2) will conduct scoring. (see chart)
2. Teacher of record will report to SIT department's room to begin scoring.
3. Scorer 1 = pick up tests from room facilitator, score, return to transcriber.
4. Facilitator will call Scorer 2 to report to scoring room. *Scorer 1 should exit the room before Scorer 2 enters.
5. Scorer 2 = pick up tests from transcriber, score, return to facilitator
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