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Kinds of Verbs: Action, Linking/State of being, Helping

Notes on kinds of verbs

Jennifer Sobel

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Kinds of Verbs: Action, Linking/State of being, Helping

Verbs Helping Verbs Action Verbs Linking/Being Verbs Conclusion They show a state of being or existence Verbs are important words in a sentence. There are three kinds: Action Linking/Being Helping Used to show when someone does something These can be things you can see: walk or eat These can also be things you can’t see: think or want There are eight of them: Is, are, am
was, were
Be, being, been Verb Phrases When the verb of a sentence includes more than one word.
They "help" make verb phrases There are 23 of them: is, am, are, was, were, be, being, been
has, have, had
do, does, did
shall, will, should, would
may, might, must, can, could Laura WASHES her clothes. A verb also tells us the period of time during which things happen. Laura WASHED her clothes. (past)
Laura WILL WASH her clothes. (future) Verbs are important parts of the sentence! We WILL BE EATING in an hour. Verbs tell what the subject of the sentence is doing Using helping verbs makes verb phrases. 1 2 3
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