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Of Mice and Men: Migrant Workers

No description

Reality Ankele

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men: Migrant Workers

Migrant Workers Who are migrant workers? people who travel from place to place to get work, especially a farm laborer who harvests crops seasonally The 30% unemployment rate lead to many people traveling around for work California advertised for workers and 7,000 new migrant workers came each month The stock market crashed in 1929 making the economy rough California was not the promise land but the weather was good and fields produced. However they were still hit by the Depression New jobs were being created in California because of the planting of new cotton fields Migrants were generically known as "Okies" because 20% of them were from Oklahoma Some workers traveled to the city but many went west The Dust Bowl also impacted the workers because it caused them to move Uagrancy Laws were created to allow farmers to work in State 2 4 5 5 Connections to the Novel George and Lennie were traveling around California for work, they were migrant workers In the 1930s many people did travel to Soledad, California for work. George and Lennie also traveled to Soledad from Weed, California. Soledad is a Spanish word that means solitude and loneliness. George and Lennie tried their best to keep to themselves and not stir up any trouble. They were lonely. Ranch owners would send out letters to employment agency's offering work. George and Lennie's boss wrote to Murray and Ready, an employment agency, for workers. During the Great Depression people would travel to the American River to pan gold. George and Lennie's plan was to travel there and pan gold.
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